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Food is universal and brings people together. Italian food is amazing and can leave your mouth watering just by looking at it. With varieties of pasta, pizza, and meat dishes, you are sure to find something you love at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant. Our wonderful selections will make you crave more
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When you are looking for pizza places near me, Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is the place to be when you are craving authentic Italian pizza Hollywood FL consumers love. At Sebastiano’s we make want to bring the taste of Italy right to your table, so the quality of our food is
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I'm Looking for Great Lunch Options Near Me. What Can I Do?   Few things can beat the joy a great lunch can give you. A delicious lunch can give you the energy you need to conquer the rest of the day successfully. If you're looking for convenient and tasty
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Sebastiano's Italian Restaurant is one of the most popular local hotspots when it comes to finding delicious and homemade pizza in Hollywood FL. With their freshly made dough and attention to detail when creating their sauces, residents have come to them for years and years with their families. One aspect
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If you're in the Hollywood, Florida area, and you're wondering where you can find delicious wings at an Italian restaurant near me, the answer would definitely be Sebastiano's Italian restaurant. Where Can I Find Wings At an Italian Restaurant? Conveniently located on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Sebastiano's is a top-rate,