Homemade Pizza Vs Store Bought or Chains

When you are in the mood for great Italian food you need to check out Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood FL. We have great meal options and plenty to choose from, so you are sure to find something you will enjoy. When you think of Italian cuisine, one of the most popular food options is, of course, pizza! As simplistic as pizza may seem, there are so many different types of pizza options that Americans choose from every day. You can choose to buy a $3 pizza in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store, you can eat from chains, or if you really want to satisfy your taste buds, you can have a nice slice of homemade deliciousness! Our restaurant offers the best homemade pizza,! When you are looking for pizza Hollywood FL residents love, you must check us out!

Benefits Of Homemade Pizza

There are many benefits to choosing homemade pizza when you are looking for pizza Hollywood FL consumers can’t have enough of! Some of these benefits include:

Your pizza arrives hot from our oven, not cold by the time it arrives at your door.
Your pizza will taste better and bring you to places you didn’t even know existed with our exotic flavors.
Homemade pizza is a lot healthier than store-bought or pizza chains which contain many filler ingredients.
Your pizza won’t arrive soggy or glued to the box.

Having us cook your pizza for you can provide you with some relief that your pizza is actually being made correctly. When it comes to pizza chains and especially store-bought pizza, you can never be sure where the pizza came from. Most of the time, chains will just pull a frozen pizza out of a box and heat it up. This is not real pizza! Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant always makes pizza using actual ingredients so you will always know what is in your food. If you ever have any questions about the ingredients, we will be able to answer them because we put the ingredients in ourselves.

Why Should I Avoid Store Bought Pizza?

You do not want to choose store-bought pizza or pizza from chain restaurants(even though they are quite popular). Just because they are advertising on tv, doesn’t mean these chain restaurants offer great pizza made with fresh ingredients in the store. When people order pizza from chain restaurants, they are usually choosing this option because it is fast and cheap. If you are looking for real pizza, you must come to our Italian restaurant. Although it may take a little longer to make than just throwing a frozen pizza in the oven to warm up, it is worth it.

Contact Us

When you are trying to decide between store-bought pizza and homemade pizza, always choose the homemade pizza option, you will not regret it. You do not want to satisfy your taste buds with cheap pizza. Come try our pizza Hollywood FL consumers rave about at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant! To make a reservation, call us at 954-983-1924 or visit our website! sebastianositalianfood.com

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We have Updated Our Menu!

Imagine coming home from a long day of work and not having dinner made. It is too late to start cooking and you are very tired, so what do you do? Luckily, there are plenty of options when you are looking for food, especially when you search for an Italian restaurant near me. Whether you are looking for a restaurant to try with friends, your significant other, or you are just looking for meal to enjoy by yourself, you have to try Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood FL. It can be hard to decide exactly what you want, especially if you read through menus online before making a decision. With so many great options for Italian food in South Florida, why should you choose Sebastiano’s? We are a family oriented business and serve only the freshest ingredients in our dishes. If you have been here before but you are looking for something a little different, do not count us out yet! We have updated our restaurant menu and trust me, this is a menu you don’t want to overlook.

Our Updated Menu

The amount of menus you scroll through when you are looking for an Italian restaurant near me, most likely leaves you in limbo because with so many different menus and choices, it can be overwhelming to decide on a restaurant. We want to take the guessing out of choosing a place to eat an authentic Italian meal at so Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood FL has updated the menu! Our updated menu includes delicious options that fall under the categories:

Side Orders
Gourmet Pizza
Cheese Calzone
Pasta Entrees
Speciality Pasta Entrees
Veal and Chicken

These are just the categories of food we offer on our menu. Throughout these mouth watering food categories, we have plenty of options for you to choose from so everyone can find something they love.

Why Did We Update Our Menu?

It is important to us that we keep our customers happy at all times and with so many restaurants in Hollywood FL, we make sure to stand out because it is not just about the food to us, but rather bringing people together over delicious meals. We are committed to all of our consumers and want to make sure we offer up to date information and menu items that they are sure to love. Our restaurant menu is the focal point of our business and we want to always provide you with the freshest, and most comforting Italian meals. Updating our menu is just one way we are dedicated to our consumers. You talked, and we listened.

Contact Us

When you are looking for an Italian restaurant near me, make sure to check out our updated restaurant menu at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant! Our new menu meal choices are delicious and we look forward to creating these amazing meals for you. To make a reservation or find out more about our updated menu, call us today at 954-983-1924 or visit our website! sebastianositalianfood.com

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8 Sebastiano’s Specials That Will Leave You Mesmerized (We Mean It!)

Food is universal and brings people together. Italian food is amazing and can leave your mouth watering just by looking at it. With varieties of pasta, pizza, and meat dishes, you are sure to find something you love at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant. Our wonderful selections will make you crave more delicious food options when you are seeking Italian food near me in Hollywood, FL. If you are in the mood for good Italian food, you must try the amazing specials that are offered at our Italian restaurant. Our food is everything to us, so it is vital that we only serve the very best. We know not everyone can travel to Italy, and since the food is so wonderful, we had to bring it to Hollywood FL.

8 Specials You Will Love

It can be really difficult to find great Italian food. When you are looking up restaurants, there will be quite a few that pop up because so many people own Italian restaurants in South Florida. Do not let the variety of choices fool you. Most Italian restaurants are using pre-made food, but at Sebastiano’s, we only use the freshest ingredients with recipes straight from our Italian culture. When you are searching for authentic Italian food near me, you have to try our delectable specials! Our variety of specials includes:

  • Veal Saltimbocca rolled stuffed veal with prosciutto and provolone- $20.95
  • Shrimp with Clams Fra Diavolo with a hot marinara sauce- $20.95
  • Angel Hair with Puttanesca Sauce- $14.95
  • Veal or Chicken Cordon Bleu stuffed with ham & provolone Chicken- $18.95 Veal- $19.95
  • Linguini Carbonara proscuitto, onion in heavy cream sauce- $17.95
  • Veal Piccata with capers in wine with a touch of lemon- $20.95
  • Shrimp and Clams Mediterranean sauteed in a light garlic sauce- $20.95
  • Zuppa di Pesci shrimps, clams, mussels, calamari in a marinara sauce- $29.95

Our dishes are very inexpensive and taste just like our family’s dishes in Italy!

Amazing Italian Food

Good Italian food usually comes at a price, but we would never want to deprive you of great tasting, authentic food, so we don’t price our menu items outrageously. Keep in mind, that just because we aren’t charging an arm and a leg, doesn’t mean we don’t offer exquisite cuisine. When you are seeking Italian food near me in Hollywood, you have to sift through the fast food type restaurants and find an authetnic Italian restaurant that offers REAL Italian food with fresh, homegrown ingredients.

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When you are looking for amazing Italian specials, come into Sebastiano’s today! All of our specials are reasonably priced and cooked to perfection. Once you try our mouth watering dishes, you will never want to eat at any other Italian restaurant in Hollywood, FL. Good Italian food can be hard to find, but at an Italian restaurant near me, you are sure to find the most wonderful food choices. To make a reservation call us at 954-983-1924 or visit our website to view our full menu! Sebastianositalianfood.com. We look forward to serving you!

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Our Take-Out Menu Offers Many Lunch Options Near Me

I’m Looking for Great Lunch Options Near Me. What Can I Do?


Lunch Options Near Me in hollywood flFew things can beat the joy a great lunch can give you. A delicious lunch can give you the energy you need to conquer the rest of the day successfully. If you’re looking for convenient and tasty Lunch Options Near Me anywhere in the beautiful Hollywood, Florida area, you can jump for joy today. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard can accommodate all of your takeout requests. Our restaurant has an extensive and diverse lunch menu available to customers. If you’re in the mood for Italian cuisine that’s the real thing, we can make your taste buds happy. If you’re looking for Italian dishes that are homemade and prepared using fresh and top-tier ingredients, our restaurant can give you precisely what you want, too. We make satisfying lunch cravings in Hollywood easy and fun.


I’m Interested in Lunch Options Near Me That Are Delicious and Filling


We give hungry diners many exciting and mouthwatering choices in lunch entrees. Our delightful lunch entrees include Italian classics such as chicken parmigiana, baked ziti, spaghetti with meatballs, eggplant parmigiana, stuffed shells, shrimp scampi, ravioli and lasagna. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood for chicken cacciatore, white clam sauce linguini or broccoli and chicken pasta. We present our customers with a lunch entree menu that always hits the spot. Our lunch entrees also come with bread and butter, soup or salad.


I’m Searching for Lunch Options Near Me That Offer Budget-Friendly Specials


Lunch costs can add up quickly. If you want to savor an affordable yet wonderful lunch in Hollywood, Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is without a doubt the way to go. We offer lunch specials that are inexpensive, filling and high in quality. If you want a single slice of pizza, we have you fully covered. If you want two slices and a nice 16-ounce beverage, we have you covered, too. You can even throw salad, soup or a sub sandwich into the mix. Fans of hot and cold subs alike can’t resist our renowned local dining establishment.


One of the Area’s Most Trusted Eateries


Sebastiano’s ItalianRestaurant is among the most beloved Italian eateries in the entire region. We’ve been accommodating customers enthusiastically since 1985. We’re still going strong, too. Our eatery is headed by the team of Maria and Seb. They’ve been enthusiastic about feeding people in Hollywood and beyond for decades now. Excellent ingredients are a focal point for our restaurant. We’re devoted to ingredients that are exceptional. We’re also devoted to classic Italian recipes that can stand the test of time.


Visit Our Restaurant Today for More


It’s not easy to find a restaurant that offers lunch takeout options that are both affordable and delicious. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant, however, is an example of a local eatery that genuinely shines in the lunch takeout department. If you need a tasty lunch that can turn your day around quickly, we’re here to tend to all of your wishes. We can help satisfy all of your pizza cravings. We can help satisfy your desire for pasta that’s filling and hearty as well. Get in contact with Sebastiano’s as soon as possible to learn more about our amazing lunch offerings. When searching for Lunch Options Near Me the solution is clear. Our choices in lunch specials are genuinely impressive.

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Where Can I Find Delicious Wings Near Me?

wings at an italian restaurant near me copyIf you’re in the Hollywood, Florida area, and you’re wondering where you can find delicious wings at an Italian restaurant near me, the answer would definitely be Sebastiano’s Italian restaurant.

Where Can I Find Wings At an Italian Restaurant?

Conveniently located on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Sebastiano’s is a top-rate, authentic Italian eatery that just happens to make what lots of people consider to be the best chicken wings in town.


The delicious, high-quality chicken wings served at Sebastiano’s are nice and meaty, and are bathed in an incredibly tasty sauce. It’s not just the great flavor of these wings that people like so much. The texture of the wings is also very appealing. Nice and tender meat on the inside, and a slightly crispy exterior on these wings makes them quite delightful to eat.

What Makes YOUR Wings Different?

The always-fresh wings at Sebastiano’s are specially seasoned, then par-baked before they are cooked to a golden-brown. Featuring a pleasing blend of spices, the wing sauce at Sebastiano’s is homemade, and highly satisfying. The wing sauce features just the right blend of sweetness and spice, providing a well-balanced flavor that people of all ages enjoy.


Many residents of the Hollywood, Florida area regularly choose to purchase orders of wings from Sebastiano’s because they know that the food will be fresh and expertly cooked. There is a big difference between the mass-produced wings that are sold at fast food spots, and the chef-prepared wings that are served at Sebastiano’s.


A full-service Italian restaurant, Sebastiano’s offers an extensive menu of appetizers, soups, pizza, pasta dishes, hot and cold subs, salads, and Italian-style entrees. The restaurant is very popular with locals and tourists, and lots of other people who were looking for wings at an Italian restaurant near me are now regulars there. A mouth-watering selection of homemade desserts, including delightful Italian-style cookies and cannolis are also offered at this Hollywood, Florida restaurant.


The hard-working staff members at Sebastiano’s consistently strive to provide the best dining experiences possible for their guests. Plenty of care and attention go into all of the foods produced at this top South Florida dining establishment, including their flavorful wings. The restaurant has been in business since 1985.


When they are ordering wings from Sebastiano’s many customers like to order additional items from their appetizing menu. Some people like to order French fries, fried mushrooms, or fried zucchini to go with their wings, while other hungry diners prefer to order one of Sebastiano’s excellent pizza pies or pasta dishes.


The awesome wings served at Sebastiano’s Italian restaurant can be enjoyed at the restaurant, or ordered to-go. You can always call ahead, and your wings will be ready when you arrive at the restaurant. Reasonably priced and always served hot, these wonderful wings. are available in half-dozen and one dozen-sized orders.

Come by Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant Today!

Once you’ve tried their wings, or any of the other delicious items on their menu, Sebastiano’s is sure to become the top choice for wings at an Italian restaurant near me that you will want to visit. Open seven days a week, Sebastiano’s features beer and wine on their menu, and they offer outdoor seating. Make a reservation today!

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