Try Our Sweet, Delicious Homemade Desserts

Have you ever had a craving for cannoli you couldn’t get rid of? Or have you ever wanted to fill up on cookies and cake after having a delicious pizza with your family and friends? Have you found yourself googling “dessert near me” and “Italian restaurant near me” simultaneously more and more often lately? A trip to Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, Florida may be the solution you’re looking for to your dessert craving problems. At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant, not only are they committed to providing delicious desserts for their customers but they are also committed to ensuring that they provide the highest quality desserts available.

Italian restaurant near me with a diverse menu

How often have you said “I wish I had an Italian restaurant near me that also served dessert”? More often than not you can find yourself at the end of your meal wishing you had a way to offset the savory flavors of your delicious meal with something sweet. At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant, they know that exact feeling and they work hard to make sure that your meal is complete with an equally delicious dessert. Their relaxed and casual atmosphere allow you to enjoy your meal and indulge in a sensational dessert sure to make you beg for seconds.

Fresh and homemade dessert near me

When you think, “What is the best dessert near me?” You can know the quality in a dessert through the freshness of the ingredients used and the commitment from the baker to providing made-from-scratch pastries. At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant, they utilize the freshest ingredients to make their homemade cannoli shells as well as other assorted pastries such as cookies and cakes from a rich and longstanding Italian American tradition. You see the difference in the quality of their product but the taste is the clear proof.

Commitment to quality and tradition

Since 1985, Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant and its two owners, Seb and Maria, have been committed to not only providing its community with delicious food and quality service, but also with dedication to the wellbeing of the community itself. They work hard to establish themselves as a restaurant with high quality food in addition to a staple to their community. It is this dedication and their commitment to the rich tradition in which these desserts are made that makes Sebastiano’s a successful restaurant.

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If you are craving that perfect dessert and are searching for a restaurant that will provide both quality service and fresh ingredients, look no further than Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant. Their homemade desserts are rich not only in flavor and sweetness but also in quality and their commitment to this fact will be immediately evident as soon as you take that first bite. Indulge yourself in a savory meal with Italian American classics and then save room for one of their many delicious desserts, including their cannoli with homemade shells. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is your number one location for sweet, delicious desserts.

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The Difference Between Our Pizza & Stromboli


Our pizza is comprised of dough, sauce and mozzarella cheese, just like any other. However, our homemade toppings and sauces make all the difference. The idea of a homemade pizza, rather than something frozen should make your tummy rumble. Fresh out of the oven, Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant makes pizza a healthier option for diners because we do not use fake ingredients and fillers as pre made pizzas do. Knowing that your pizza is being freshly made to order, with the ingredients you requested is something our customers love. If something were not to taste to your liking, we are here to fix or remake it for you! Everything we offer is made fresh daily! We take pride in serving real Italian food, every day and night.

Stromboli is dough, just like pizza. What some customers do not know, is that a stromboli is dough, cheese, and toppings folded over, baked and served with sauces on the side. A stromboli is a popular menu item due to the idea of having more crust. For many, the crust is their favorite part of eating pizza, so why not order something that is 90% dough with some of your favorite toppings on the inside, and a dipping sauce to complete the flavor? Our ingredients are prepared daily and baked to perfection for each order that comes through the kitchen.

Curious about to do when you visit Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant for dinner, have the meal of a lifetime, and want to bring our recipes home with you? Do not leave without our takeout menu for your ordering convenience from home! We take pride in our menu, however, we want to inform you that our dinner menu has more options to make your experience a memorable one.

Pizza Delivery

Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is happy to announce that we deliver our pizza and other meal items to your front door. Good pizza is hard to come by, but having a place where you can order, obtain a freshly made pizza, and have it delivered to your door in Hollywood, Florida, is a fabulous thing. Sebastiano’s is the place for you and your family when you seek authentic Italian food with thoughtful ingredients. The thought process behind delivery is quick, easy, and affordable, and that’s just what it is. When you have had a rough day, and do not want to think about dinner, call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant and receive your fresh baked pizza or stromboli today.

Still Can’t Decide? Let Us Help!

Italian food comes in many shapes and sizes. Dough is dough, but it tastes different depending on the meal you choose. Our sauce and cheeses are used to prep all meals, however, the amount used differs per item. It all comes down to how much of a dough lover you are when deciding whether to select our stromboli or pizza. If time is a factor, we can promise you Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is well worth the wait. These days, many restaurants come and go, they open, have a good few months and then slowly come to a close. At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant we are happy to say we have been open for over 3 decades.

Contact Us

Hungry and craving Italian food? Call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant now (954) 983-1924 to place an order. Come in to pick up or tell us where to deliver your order!

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Amazing Italian Happy Hour Specials

“Is There a Great Italian Restaurant Near Me That Offers Happy Hour Specials?”

“Is there a terrific Italian restaurant near me that offers happy hour specials?” That’s a wonderful question. If you’re in Hollywood, Florida, there’s a good answer to that question, too. That answer is Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard. Our eatery is such a hit that Hollywood residents gave it the distinction of being called “the best Italian restaurant near me.” When you have a craving for high-quality Italian delights in Hollywood, there’s no finer option around than Sebastiano’s. If you’re on the lookout for a happy hour Hollywood FL can get behind, we can accommodate you well.

When Can You Enjoy Our Happy Hours?

Our Happy Hours are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. They’re available on Saturday between 1:00 and 3:00 pm as well. We offer half off all beers, $5 house wines and, last but not least, $5 appetizers. People who want to relish affordable drinks, mouthwatering plates, and great company can have a blast during our happy hours. When you’re searching for a happy hour Hollywood FL can get behind, we’ll never let you down.

Our Amazing Menu

Sebastiano’s is a dining establishment that’s known for delicious food. Our restaurant is known for fresh ingredients. It’s also known for providing genuine Italian dishes, too. If you’re looking for a bona fide Italian dining experience anywhere in Hollywood, we can come through for you. Our dinner menu includes Italian favorites such as margherita pizza, manicotti, cheese calzones, pasta primavera, lasagna, lobster ravioli, gnocchi and chicken cacciatore. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood for a heaping bowl of shrimp marinara or if you have a craving for a generous mussels portion. We can help you take care of your appetite. Our irresistible appetizers include clams oreganata, fried calamari, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, fried shrimp, fried zucchini and fried mushrooms. If you feel like noshing on incredible appetizers without having to pay an arm and a leg, you’ll surely fall in love with our incomparable happy hour specials in Hollywood.

Terrific Options in Drinks

Our choices in drinks are just as impressive. If you want to relax and take it easy with a nice cold beer in Hollywood, you just can’t top Sebastiano’s. What could be better than half off beer specials, anyway? Combining our terrific appetizers with drinks makes for a pleasant, soothing and inimitable happy hour experience.

Get in Contact With Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant As Soon As Possible

You can learn more about our amazing happy hour specials by reaching out to us. You can contact us via telephone. You can also reach us using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you’re trying to locate a happy hour Hollywood FL residents love, then our restaurant is the clear winner. Our happy hour appetizers are the ideal combination of tasty and budget-friendly. Our happy hour beverages are the perfect blend of those things, too. Visit Sebastiano’s in Hollywood, Florida to revel in the happy hour experience of a lifetime. Our happy hour specials have no rivals in the city. Contact us today! 

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Homemade Pizza Vs Store Bought or Chains

When you are in the mood for great Italian food you need to check out Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood FL. We have great meal options and plenty to choose from, so you are sure to find something you will enjoy. When you think of Italian cuisine, one of the most popular food options is, of course, pizza! As simplistic as pizza may seem, there are so many different types of pizza options that Americans choose from every day. You can choose to buy a $3 pizza in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store, you can eat from chains, or if you really want to satisfy your taste buds, you can have a nice slice of homemade deliciousness! Our restaurant offers the best homemade pizza,! When you are looking for pizza Hollywood FL residents love, you must check us out!

Benefits Of Homemade Pizza

There are many benefits to choosing homemade pizza when you are looking for pizza Hollywood FL consumers can’t have enough of! Some of these benefits include:

Your pizza arrives hot from our oven, not cold by the time it arrives at your door.
Your pizza will taste better and bring you to places you didn’t even know existed with our exotic flavors.
Homemade pizza is a lot healthier than store-bought or pizza chains which contain many filler ingredients.
Your pizza won’t arrive soggy or glued to the box.

Having us cook your pizza for you can provide you with some relief that your pizza is actually being made correctly. When it comes to pizza chains and especially store-bought pizza, you can never be sure where the pizza came from. Most of the time, chains will just pull a frozen pizza out of a box and heat it up. This is not real pizza! Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant always makes pizza using actual ingredients so you will always know what is in your food. If you ever have any questions about the ingredients, we will be able to answer them because we put the ingredients in ourselves.

Why Should I Avoid Store Bought Pizza?

You do not want to choose store-bought pizza or pizza from chain restaurants(even though they are quite popular). Just because they are advertising on tv, doesn’t mean these chain restaurants offer great pizza made with fresh ingredients in the store. When people order pizza from chain restaurants, they are usually choosing this option because it is fast and cheap. If you are looking for real pizza, you must come to our Italian restaurant. Although it may take a little longer to make than just throwing a frozen pizza in the oven to warm up, it is worth it.

Contact Us

When you are trying to decide between store-bought pizza and homemade pizza, always choose the homemade pizza option, you will not regret it. You do not want to satisfy your taste buds with cheap pizza. Come try our pizza Hollywood FL consumers rave about at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant! To make a reservation, call us at 954-983-1924 or visit our website!

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We have Updated Our Menu!

Imagine coming home from a long day of work and not having dinner made. It is too late to start cooking and you are very tired, so what do you do? Luckily, there are plenty of options when you are looking for food, especially when you search for an Italian restaurant near me. Whether you are looking for a restaurant to try with friends, your significant other, or you are just looking for meal to enjoy by yourself, you have to try Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood FL. It can be hard to decide exactly what you want, especially if you read through menus online before making a decision. With so many great options for Italian food in South Florida, why should you choose Sebastiano’s? We are a family oriented business and serve only the freshest ingredients in our dishes. If you have been here before but you are looking for something a little different, do not count us out yet! We have updated our restaurant menu and trust me, this is a menu you don’t want to overlook.

Our Updated Menu

The amount of menus you scroll through when you are looking for an Italian restaurant near me, most likely leaves you in limbo because with so many different menus and choices, it can be overwhelming to decide on a restaurant. We want to take the guessing out of choosing a place to eat an authentic Italian meal at so Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood FL has updated the menu! Our updated menu includes delicious options that fall under the categories:

Side Orders
Gourmet Pizza
Cheese Calzone
Pasta Entrees
Speciality Pasta Entrees
Veal and Chicken

These are just the categories of food we offer on our menu. Throughout these mouth watering food categories, we have plenty of options for you to choose from so everyone can find something they love.

Why Did We Update Our Menu?

It is important to us that we keep our customers happy at all times and with so many restaurants in Hollywood FL, we make sure to stand out because it is not just about the food to us, but rather bringing people together over delicious meals. We are committed to all of our consumers and want to make sure we offer up to date information and menu items that they are sure to love. Our restaurant menu is the focal point of our business and we want to always provide you with the freshest, and most comforting Italian meals. Updating our menu is just one way we are dedicated to our consumers. You talked, and we listened.

Contact Us

When you are looking for an Italian restaurant near me, make sure to check out our updated restaurant menu at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant! Our new menu meal choices are delicious and we look forward to creating these amazing meals for you. To make a reservation or find out more about our updated menu, call us today at 954-983-1924 or visit our website!

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