Check Out Our Delicious Homemade Meatballs!

If you have found yourself searching “Italian restaurant near me” in an attempt to find the best meatballs you have ever had, Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood is here for you. We know that homemade, fresh food can make a real difference in a person’s experience at a restaurant and that is why we only offer fresh meatballs to our customers. This way, they can see that what real Italian food should taste like and take that experience with them for the rest of their lives. Do not miss out on the opportunity to try our meatballs for yourself and contact us or visit our restaurant today. You may also visit our website to see our menu.


Taste the Difference


Eating freshly made food is always going to taste better than eating food that came from a factory only to be defrosted by a quick service restaurant. At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant, we value knowing that all our food is made with fresh ingredients in-house so we know that we are providing you with the highest quality cuisine possible.

Frozen food does not compare. When you freeze meat, it dries out all of the juicy marinades that you put into it and it changes the overall texture and flavor of the meatball. Then when you recook it, you get something that is much different than what you expected. Beyond that, reheating a frozen meatball gives you a much different result than cooking and serving it fresh. The frozen meatball may be overcooked in an attempt to defrost it and result shriveled or it may be undercooked and left with a frozen center.

The other thing that you must consider is that Italian food is an experience and to eat it from a frozen deprives you of having the full, enriching experience that you deserve. Do not waste your time and money to eat real Italian food at a restaurant that serves you less than fresh and homemade meatballs and come instead to a place where real food is valued and always available.


Do You Want to Try the Best Meatballs in Hollywood?


At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant, we are more than just a search result for “Italian restaurant near me,” we are an Italian restaurant that cares about creating a full and enriching experience for our customers. We know you want to try the best meatballs and best Italian food that you can and we are willing and ready to provide you with that along with the most memorable experience we can. Try Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant for yourself and visit us today or check out our website to see what our menu options are.


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Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant can solve your search for “Italian restaurant near me.” We have the best Italian food that Hollywood, Florida has to offer and we make it fresh, right in our kitchen every day. We know how important a good, fresh meal can be and we are ready to provide it for you. Contact us today or stop by.

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