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italian dishes in hollywood fl

Italy has a rich history of art, culture, and food. Many stunning gastronomical wonders hail from the boot-shaped country, and the country’s culinary offerings range far beyond microwaved pizza or canned sauce and spaghetti. This beautiful Mediterranean land offers a bounty of famous and traditional dishes that are

pizza party in hollywood fl

What better way to celebrate a recent engagement than to throw a commemoratory pizza party? It is a simple and appreciative way to gather all of your friends and family to revel in your upcoming nuptials. At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant we serve a

pizza deals in hollywood fl

If you are looking for the best pizza deals at an Italian restaurant near me, then you have found the right place! Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is a family owned and operated restaurant in Hollywood, Florida. We pride ourselves knowing that we make some

margherita pizza near me in hollywood fl

Many would be surprised to learn the history of the Margherita pizza and how it came to be. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood can be your answer for “Margherita pizza near me” and what makes it unique. We value quality at our restaurant, and we know how to

calzone near me in hollywood fl

There are many differences between calzones and Stromboli. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood can be your answer to your calzone-Stromboli doubts and your search for “calzone near me.” The fact of the matter is that the Stromboli and the calzone have many things that make them each a