The Difference Between a Calzone and Stromboli

There are many differences between calzones and Stromboli. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood can be your answer to your calzone-Stromboli doubts and your search for “calzone near me.” The fact of the matter is that the Stromboli and the calzone have many things that make them each a distinct Italian-American dish. However, many people will use the names interchangeably out of ignorance. We want to make you understand what the differences are between these two rich dishes so that you can make a better a selection for your future. If you are searching “Italian restaurant near me,” contact us at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant today.

Calzones vs Stromboli

Many things distinguish the calzone from the Stromboli. One of the first and most obvious is the fact that the calzone is truly Italian. That is, it was established and first eaten in Italy itself, where it was invented in order to be a portable version of pizza. However, the Stromboli is entirely American. It was established in Philadelphia by Italian-American immigrants. Therefore, even the origin of the two is very different.

Additionally, the two have very different shapes. A Stromboli is, for all intents and purposes, a burrito. It is equipped to hold stuffing much in the same way as a calzone. However, a calzone is shaped more like a taco. Both, however, are given an egg wash to hold the pizza dough that binds the stuffing from falling apart.

Another difference between the two is that the Stromboli is meant to be eaten by a group of people. While the calzone is stuffed and cooked for one single serving. The Stromboli is made long in order to be cut into slices so that it can be served to a large group of people.

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