Why is Pizza So Tasty?

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love to eat a juicy, savory, melt in your mouth pizza with delicious cheese and toppings! Pizza is originally an Italian staple, but the taste and texture of the pizza have made the dish one of the most popular and familiar foods globally. To get the best food Hollywood has to offer, head to Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant.  


Where to Find the Best Food Hollywood Has to Offer


If you are looking for the best pizza in Hollywood, head to an Italian restaurant that gives you the original version of oven-baked pizza with simple yet mouthwatering ingredients. It’s so popular that each country has their own version of Pizza from the dry deserts of the Arab world to the modern cities of North America. Despite so many delicious varieties of Pizza, nothing beats the authentic taste of simple Italian pizza. If you want to eat an authentic Italian pizza, its time to Google, “Italian restaurant near me.”


What Makes Pizza Stand Out from Other Foods?


What makes a pizza one of the world’s favorite savory pie is its ingredients and the way that everything is assembled and cooked together to tingle your taste buds. The science behind the deliciousness of the pizza explains that pizza tastes divine because it catapults your brain’s pleasure centers into an overdrive! The texture and flavor of the sauces, vegetables, cheese, and perfectly cooked dough create different tastes.


The dough is perfectly crisp on the outside but remains soft and moist on the inside making the pizza perfect. The acidity of the tomato-based sauce creates a chemical complexity like no other! And let’s not forget the soft stretchy delicious mozzarella which is a visible and gastronomic treat for senses. If all of this is making your mouth watery and now you are craving for a delicious pizza then it’s time to search the internet for an “Italian restaurant near me.”


Take a Look Inside the Pizza Dough!


What makes pizza so delicious is the yeast! Let’s take a look at the secrets hidden within that delicious dough! Yeast is just one of the secret ingredients. Technically, yeast creates carbon dioxide but leave it long enough and it creates delicious flavorful molecules. The longer you rest the dough the tastier it gets!


The Zingy tomato sauce is another ingredient that gives pizza its unforgettable taste and texture. The acidity is perfectly mild when infused with the soft molten mozzarella cheese. Another element that adds to the irresistible taste of pizza is the layering.


Hand Tossed with Perfect Layers of Delicious Ingredients


The hand-tossed dough layered with tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni (or any of your favorite ingredients), and then the topmost layer is the mozzarella. Cooked to perfection and blended perfectly results in the ultimate culinary experience. If all this is making your mouth watery, login to the internet and search for “Italian restaurant near me.”


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To get the best food Hollywood, head to Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant to get your hands on delicious Italian Pizza straight from the oven! For more information and orders, feel free to contact us.

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What Your Favorite Pizza Topping Says About You

A fresh, piping-hot slice of pizza can be enough to put a smile on anyone’s face these days. Just the thought of gooey cheese on top of the crispy crust is definitely worthy of the term “mouth-watering”, and the pizza Hollywood FL locals know and love can be found at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant. Today there are many different pizza toppings and varieties to choose from, and the debate for best pizza toppings can be a lengthy one. From the classics, like pepperoni and mozzarella, to the more exotic, like anchovies and pineapple, Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant has a combination to suit anyone! In big cities like Hollywood, there is no shortage of pizza restaurants, however, the amount of detail and pride put into Sebastiano’s pizza can’t be found anywhere else. Contact us for more details.


We can all agree that the best toppings are the ones enjoyed fresh, which is exactly what you’ll find at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant. Ingredients like peppers, diced tomatoes, and basil are always used at the peak of freshness, and the taste really shows as compared to other pizza in Hollywood. The selection of ingredients will please anyone, whether you be a fan of the classic pepperoni, or are a connoisseur of the more exquisite.


The Best Pizza Toppings Around


Opinions on toppings vary greatly, and your take on the best pizza toppings says a lot about you. When talking cheese, the more laid-back and classic individuals will love a plain cheese pizza with melty mozzarella. For the more sophisticated pizza lovers, the fresh blends of ricotta and mozzarella will be sure to amaze and tantalize the taste buds.

Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is the one stop to make in Hollywood as it caters to all crowds. The big eaters and protein lovers will feel at home at Sebastiano’s. Hearty piles of ham, sausage, meatballs, and pepperoni are available in abundance for the meat lovers of Hollywood, or on the other side of the spectrum, one can find a garden-fresh blend of mushrooms, onions, and peppers on the vegetarian pie. It is easy to see why this is the high-quality pizza Hollywood FL residents all know and love!


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The delicious selection of toppings found at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant continues with fan favorites like broccoli rabe, or fire-roasted artichoke hearts. The delectable varieties and variations of flavor will give you plenty of options and have you coming back for seconds after your first visit. Not only the delicious homemade food but also, the warm and inviting family atmosphere are the reasons that Sebastiano’s has been the pizza Hollywood FL locals call their favorite. Being in the business for over 30 years, the level of quality and attention to detail has only improved since Sebastiano’s first started serving smiles to Hollywood in 1985. While many agree that the pizza and toppings available are far superior to the rest, it can be quite the challenge to have just one favorite pizza at Sebastiano’s! From meatballs and bacon to garlic and black olives, even the most traditional of pizza lovers will fall in love when they try Sebastiano’s. Call us today.

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Check Out Our Delicious Homemade Meatballs!

If you have found yourself searching “Italian restaurant near me” in an attempt to find the best meatballs you have ever had, Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood is here for you. We know that homemade, fresh food can make a real difference in a person’s experience at a restaurant and that is why we only offer fresh meatballs to our customers. This way, they can see that what real Italian food should taste like and take that experience with them for the rest of their lives. Do not miss out on the opportunity to try our meatballs for yourself and contact us or visit our restaurant today. You may also visit our website to see our menu.


Taste the Difference


Eating freshly made food is always going to taste better than eating food that came from a factory only to be defrosted by a quick service restaurant. At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant, we value knowing that all our food is made with fresh ingredients in-house so we know that we are providing you with the highest quality cuisine possible.

Frozen food does not compare. When you freeze meat, it dries out all of the juicy marinades that you put into it and it changes the overall texture and flavor of the meatball. Then when you recook it, you get something that is much different than what you expected. Beyond that, reheating a frozen meatball gives you a much different result than cooking and serving it fresh. The frozen meatball may be overcooked in an attempt to defrost it and result shriveled or it may be undercooked and left with a frozen center.

The other thing that you must consider is that Italian food is an experience and to eat it from a frozen deprives you of having the full, enriching experience that you deserve. Do not waste your time and money to eat real Italian food at a restaurant that serves you less than fresh and homemade meatballs and come instead to a place where real food is valued and always available.


Do You Want to Try the Best Meatballs in Hollywood?


At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant, we are more than just a search result for “Italian restaurant near me,” we are an Italian restaurant that cares about creating a full and enriching experience for our customers. We know you want to try the best meatballs and best Italian food that you can and we are willing and ready to provide you with that along with the most memorable experience we can. Try Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant for yourself and visit us today or check out our website to see what our menu options are.


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Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant can solve your search for “Italian restaurant near me.” We have the best Italian food that Hollywood, Florida has to offer and we make it fresh, right in our kitchen every day. We know how important a good, fresh meal can be and we are ready to provide it for you. Contact us today or stop by.

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Food Trivia: 10 Fun Facts About Italian Cuisine!

Family style Italian restaurants can be a fun excursion for a family dinner. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood presents ten facts about Italian cuisine. Searching “Italian restaurant near me” will not always yield you the right results. Instead, visit Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant and sample our delicious Italian food. Stop searching “Italian restaurant near me” and contact us to learn more about our food or visit our website to see our menu items.


1) Italian Food Did Not Always Use Tomatoes


Until the 1700s, Italians did not use tomatoes in their cooking. Other popular Italian ingredients include basil, garlic, olive oil, oregano, mozzarella, pasta, and sausage.


2) Margherita Pizza was Named After a Queen Consort


Raffaele Esposito was a Neapolitan pizza maker who created the Margherita pizza for the Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy. The ingredients, the basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes, represent the national colors of Italy.


3) Tiramisu Means “Pick Me Up”


Tiramisu’s direct translation from Italian is “pick me up.” This is not the only food item that is like this; Saltimbocca translates into “jump into mouth.”

4) Cappuccinos are a Breakfast Drink


Both cappuccinos and lattes are considered a drink that can only be had early in the day because it is a milky coffee.


5) There are More Than 600 Kinds of Pasta


Worldwide, there are more than 600 kinds of pasta from all different cultures.


6) Wedding Soup is Actually Married Soup


Wedding soup is actually called wedding soup because the Italian name for it, minestra maritata, literally means married soup. This soup is called married soup because of the marriage of the flavors between greens and broth in the soup.


7) Despite What Family Style Italian Restaurants Say, Italian Meals Separate Meat and Pasta


In primo piatto, or first plate, Italians eat their pasta. Then, in their secondo piatto, Italians eat meat with vegetables.


8) Prosciutto Used to Be Banned


Until 1989, prosciutto, the famous cured ham from Italy, was banned from export to the United States.


9) The Average Italian Person Eats a Lot of Pasta


Italian people eat, on average, fifty-one pounds of pasta each year, whereas Americans eat only fifteen and a half pounds on average.


10) February 13th is National Eat Italian Food Day


The day may have already passed, but that is no reason not to celebrate eating delicious Italian food. In fact, there are other holidays that you can celebrate such as National Pizza Day on February 9th and National Ravioli Day is on March 20th.


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Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is a family-style Italian restaurant that can be the answer to your search for “Italian restaurant near me.” If you have been looking for a place to eat delicious Italian food, Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood can be your resource. Contact us to learn more about our restaurant, visit the restaurant to try out something new, or visit our website to check out our menu for yourself.

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Is Pizza Good for Your Health?

You may have wondered at some point, “is pizza healthy?” The answer to that question is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant has the best pizza Hollywood FL has to offer, and we know that it helps to have some understanding of what makes pizza both healthy and unhealthy so that you can have a better understanding of what makes pizza great. If you are interested in trying out our delicious pizza for yourself, contact us at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant or visit our website to take a look at our menu.

Is Pizza Healthy or Not?


The answer to this more complicated than it initially appears. While many would like love to believe that pizza is healthy because of its ingredients, the fact of the matter is that the only way that pizza could be healthy is if the ingredients themselves are high quality. Even in this instance, healthy is not quite the word that you would want to use to describe pizza. Instead, it is more accurate to say that pizzas are nutritionally rounded. That is, they offer calcium from the mozzarella and lycopene from the tomatoes and—if the crust is done properly—can offer whole grains and fiber.

That said, pizza is still a rich food to include in your diet. It offers variety unlike any other food in that the toppings can be customized according to your desire. This gives it the potential to be as healthy or as unhealthy as you want it to be. By topping the pizza with an assortment of vegetables, you have the opportunity to make pizza much healthier than it would be otherwise. You can also go in the opposite direction and top it with plenty of meats. While this option offers you ample protein, it puts you at risk of having excess sodium in your system.

Are You Looking for the Best Pizza Hollywood FL Has to Offer?


The best pizza is going to be pizza that has fresh ingredients. The fresher and better quality the ingredients, the better the likelihood that the pizza will be healthier for you. It will also ensure that the food has fewer chemicals and therefore is less harmful to your body. If you can find a restaurant that can offer you fresh ingredients, that is going to be your best bet to having healthy pizza.

Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is a business that has the best pizza Hollywood FL has to offer. We use only high quality ingredients so that your pizza can be as delicious and as healthy as possible. If you are interested in learning more about our pizza, contact us at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant.


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If you have asked yourself, “is pizza healthy?” know that the answer could be yes, under the right circumstances. With the right ingredients and the best preparation, you could have a pizza that will be as healthy as possible. To learn more about our pizza or to try it for yourself, contact us at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood.

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