How to Pair the Right Wine with Your Next Italian Meal

Food and wine pairing suggestions from Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, FL can be helpful when you are just not sure what you want. How to pair the right wine with your next Italian meal is the popular question that we can answer for you. The search for an Italian restaurant near me is over. Trust us to help you fill your belly and satisfy your cravings!


Food and Wine Pairing


Sometimes opposites attract, but not always with wine. It is not always necessary to get it right and drink what goes with what when deciding on a food and wine pairing. You should always drink what you like and like what you drink.


First, you want to match the wine with foods of similar richness and textures. Think about what is going to bring out the characteristics of both. For example:


-A nice acidic Chaini will pair perfectly with a tangy tomato based pasta with pungent cheese, like parmiggiano.  


-A light, crisp and fragrant Vernaccia white is well suited for all seafood dishes, a light cream sauce maybe.


– Vermentino, a white grape wine, is also another good pairing with seafood.


Balancing Taste Comes Next


The salty and sour taste in food will make wine taste mild (fruitier and less acidic), whereas most sweet and savory taste make wine taste stronger (drier and more astringent).


Balancing the Acidity of Food to Your Wine


Pinot Grigio are great with citrus based foods like lemon chicken or light and floral soups or stews. A good dessert wine that is very sweet like Vin Santo, which pairs nicely with a biscotti or torte. This wine should always be just as sweet or sweeter than what you are eating.


Consider the Region


Look at where the wine is from and try to pick a dish from the same area. Take note of the spices and vegetables that are popular to pair with the wine so that the complete dish has a taste you are looking for. Remember that the soil that the vegetables and fruits grow in will be the same base for the vines and have a similar taste. Usually if the soil and vines go together, the food and wine go together.


Searching for an Italian Restaurant Near Me?


When in doubt, the rules of food and wine pairing are there to be broken. They are simply suggestions, not musts. Having a glass of wine while dining at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is only a choice to complete your meal and make it a little more enjoyable. Come in today to try out many specials and types of wine we have to offer. We have something for everyone and can guarantee your whole family will be able to find something on the menu. We have options from pizza to pasta dishes of all kinds to meet all types of cravings.  


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If you are looking for a new place to try a good food and wine pairing, come into Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, FL and put an end to the search for a good Italian restaurant near me. Our friendly staff and recipes you must try will keep you wanting more!

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Say “Cheese”! Enjoy A Slice of Our Homemade Pizza

Have you been searching “pizza restaurants near me” and been frustrated by the lack of homemade pizza? Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is a restaurant offering some of the best pizza Hollywood FL has to offer and it is served fresh and homemade each time. It is a restaurant committed to providing a quality experience for all their customers and, as such, they have only the best ingredients. Visit the restaurant to try out pie for yourself and see their selection and quality. Your pizza experience will transform and you will never again have pizza chain pizza ever again.


Why does “homemade” make a difference?

Pizza is an immensely personal dish. It is one steeped in tradition and history. While the commercialization of pizza has turned pizza chains into an all-too-present reality, the homemade pizza is still the standard for truly good pizza. Homemade pizza carries within it the rich history of the pizza, making each restaurant’s recipe unique and delicious in its own right.

At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant they understand that the ingredients that go into your pizza make a difference in the experience you have eating it. That is precisely why they use only fresh ingredients to make their homemade pizza. Thus, whether you opt for a gourmet pizza or you build your own, you can be certain that the end result will be a delicious pizza you will be sure to remember.


Stop searching “pizza restaurants near me” and drop by!

As much as we would love to find the right result for everything every time we search for it, often you will find that simply typing “pizza restaurants near me” into your search bar doesn’t quite generate the results you want. Too many results are the very pizza chains which you are trying to avoid and too many results may offer pizza that isn’t homemade or doesn’t have the variety you want.

Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant not only provides delicious homemade pizza, but gives you enough variety to have you trying a new variety each time you stop by. By giving you the option of choosing between crafting your own pizza through your own toppings selection or choosing a gourmet pizza with pre-selected toppings, even the novice to pizzas can work their way through the menu to find something they want.

If you are looking for the best pizza Hollywood FL has to offer, visit Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant. They offer an incredible selection of quality pizza that will make even pizza skeptics excited. With their relaxed, family atmosphere, you can feel at home getting the greatest pizza Hollywood FL has.


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Don’t keep settling for pizza chains. You deserve homemade, high-quality pizza from a restaurant that provides only the freshest ingredients for its dishes. If you are interested in making the switch to homemade pizza, contact Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood. They have gourmet and choose-your-own pizza options so that you can find exactly what you want. Stop by today and try their selection for yourself.

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5 Pasta Dishes to Try at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant

Pasta is synonymous with Italy and any visit to an Italian restaurant should include a test of their pasta dishes. Pasta is a reflection of the authenticity and understanding of a restaurant of Italian cuisine. A good Italian restaurant will understand that it’s more than just having good pasta, but having a variety of options. If you have found yourself searching “pasta restaurant near me” or “Italian restaurant near me” to find the perfect pasta dish, contact Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, Florida.

1) Angel Hair Puttanesca

Puttanesca has interesting origins but at its core it is a simple Neopolitan dish. It features a rich marinara sauce mixed with capers and Kalamata olives. This dish has a comforting, basic quality as the core of its flavor comes from only a few ingredients. As a matter of fact, its first iteration was made due to a lack of other ingredients. The chef utilized the only things he had present and, with that, made the first puttanesca.

2) Linguine Carbonara

The beauty of the carbonara is that each chef can make it their own with their own distinct recipe. The recipe of the carbonara is not fixed and therefore each restaurant experience is unique. At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant, their carbonara is made with prosciutto instead of the typical bacon and it is mixed with onions, giving depth of flavor.

3) Lobster Ravioli

Ravioli is another diverse pasta. The ravioli can be made and filled with a plethora of ingredients, making it ideal for chefs to put their own personal touch in their cuisine. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant serves a lobster ravioli in a pink sauce. The pink sauce is a rich blend of marinara sauce and alfredo sauce, giving the lobster a balanced, delicious flavor.

4) Four Cheese & Pear stuffed Purse

This delicious and unique dish is bold with flavor. The cheese of the purse pairs beautifully with the sweetness of the pear to create a rich experience that bursts and melts in your mouth. It is served in light alfredo sauce to enhance the flavors of the pasta.

5) Fettuccini Alfredo

The fettucini alfredo started as the fettucine al burro. It was made simply with parmesan cheese and butter which would form a thick sauce as it melted from the heat of the pasta. Over time it transformed as chefs began to add their own twist to the recipe. Today’s fettucini alfredo is a bit more complicated than its ancestor but it is just as delicious. The tradition of fettucini alfredo is still kept in many Italian homes and you can get a taste of this delicious tradition at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant.

Pasta restaurant near me

If you are looking for a pasta restaurant to satisfy all your cravings and aren’t finding anything by simply searching “Italian restaurant near me,” visit Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant. They are not only delicious but their atmosphere is casual so you do not have to worry about going to an upscale restaurant to get the pasta that you’ve been desiring.

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Don’t hesitate to drop by! Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant knows the pain of searching “pasta restaurant near me” only to find that the results are inadequate. Don’t bother searching “Italian restaurant near me” and waste your precious time—visit Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, Florida today.

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6 Reasons Why Our Pizza Is Perfect for Celebrations

If you are searching for the perfect dinner for celebrations, don’t look any further. Pizza is the perfect solution for any celebration that you may have. It is affordable, versatile, and universally pleasing; however, don’t go searching “Italian pizza near me” and expect to find the right pizza for you. Contact instead Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood. With some of the best pizza Hollywood FL has to offer, they can provide you with an amazing setting for your next celebration.

1 Customizable toppings

Pizza is never the same. You can always transform a pizza to whatever you need it to be with a variety of toppings. At Sebastiano’s Italian restaurant, we offer a number of toppings so that you and all your guests will be able to tailor your pizza to your exact desires and have the best pizza experience you can have.

2 Varied sizes

The sheer variety of sizes for our pizza means that you will always be able to customize it to whatever occasion you need. If you have a large celebration but only a small number of people in your party want mushrooms on their pizza, you can get a small pizza for more personalized entrees and a large pizza for the rest of the group.

3 Perfect food item to share

The pizza is made to share. Most sizes, except of course for the personal, are far too big for one person to tackle alone and the way the pizza is sliced implies multiple portions. It is placed in the center of the table to bring people to it in unity and it demonstrates, at its core, the familial mood of Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant.

4 Party tradition

Pizza is one of those foods that is quintessential to the celebration. Slumber parties have pizza, soccer game parties have pizza, tenth birthday parties have pizza, even graduations can have pizza. Pizza has withstood the test of time and become as popular as it is because it is so simple and universally loved and it so perfectly suits the boisterous atmosphere of a celebration.

5 People pleaser

Rare is the person who doesn’t like pizza. While there are many food items that may not be for everyone—such as how vegetarians may not like burgers—pizza is universal. Pizza is commonly enjoyed and often beloved and makes certain that you will be able to feed the most amount of people at your party for the lowest price.

6 Fantastic side options

Even if you do have the odd person that does not care for pizza, they will be certain to find something to suit their palate. Just one look at our extensive menu shows how mow many options we have for those who may not want to join in on the pizza fun. For those that are on a diet, there are salad options available. For those looking for a heartier meal, we have meats and pastas.

Looking for “Italian pizza near me?”

Have you been searching for “Italian pizza near me” and been unsatisfied with your options? Try Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, Florida. They have the pizza Hollywood FL has to offer and they are ready to serve you anytime.

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Contact Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant and stop in to celebrate with some delicious pizza. They have the pizza Hollywood FL loves so don’t hesitate to call them today.

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History of the Pizza in America

When you are typing “pizza places near me,” your results are probably filled with household name pizza chains, but where did pizza begin? Who were the propagators of pizza in its early stages? Pizza has a long and rich history in the Italian American household and has gone through many waves in popularity over the past century, but the pizza we know and love remains the same. If you are in Hollywood and are looking for the pizza Hollywood FL has to offer, contact Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant.


Beginnings in the Italian American home


In the 1800s, millions of Italian immigrants poured into the United States in search of a better life. By the turn of the century, there were more than four million Italian Americans in the United States and with them came new traditions. Pizza began in the home of the Italian American immigrant. It was the food of the recently arrived, lower-income immigrant who often worked long hours in factories.


The first official permit to make and sell pizza was submitted in 1905 in New York City by Gennaro Lombardi. It sprouted a reaction of pizza shops that populated the east coast. In the 1930s, the pizza trend spread to the west coast with the beginning of Tommaso’s in San Francisco.


In the 1940s pizza making was mainstreamed with the invention of the Bakers Pride pizza oven. With the technological developments in pizza making, more and more Italian Americans felt empowered to begin their own pizza shops.


The introduction of chains


Pizza chains began cropping up in the Midwest around the end of the 1950s and they changed the landscape of the pizza business for the worse. Their mission was to make money and they had no real vested interest in continuing the traditions set forth by Italian immigrant families. Instead of using fresh, real ingredients, they used mass-produced, mass-contained ingredients to produce uniformity in their product. The pizza became a commodity in their hands and it became much easier—and cheaper—to get your hands on a food chain pizza than actual traditional pizza.


The introduction of chains put independent pizza place owners out of business and drove their franchises into every corner of the country. The pizza experience became reliant on the pizza chain rather than the independent pizza restaurant and people began to have singular experiences with pizza chains rather than independent pizza places.


Pizza places near me


It is still possible to get that authentic Italian American style experience. There are still restaurants that offer fresh ingredients and a commitment to quality and tradition. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is the perfect example of this. They have the history with traditional Italian American pizza and know that really good pizza can only be made in the hands of an expert. If you are looking for the best pizza Hollywood FL has to offer, contact Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant.


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Pizza has had a very interesting history. It remains in the hearts and mind of Italian American immigrants as a quintessential food culture of their people. Only an Italian American owned restaurant can provide you with the authentic experience. In Hollywood, Florida, don’t search “pizza places near me,” contact instead Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant for the best pizza Hollywood FL has to offer.

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