We Have the Best Pizza! But Where Did Pizza Come From?

Pizza is a beloved food in the United States, and many people in America enjoy a good slice. Most people are aware that pizza originated in Italy- but not everybody knows the true history of how pizza came to be and how it became so popular in the United States. Pizza has a surprisingly long and complex history, culminating in what we know as a cultural phenomenon today. Read on to learn more about the history of pizza and where it came from. If you’re getting hungry reading about pizza, Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant provides some of the best pizza in Hollywood, FL. Call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant today for some of the most amazing pizza Hollywood FL has to offer!


The Origins of Pizza


Back in the times of the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks, flatbreads with toppings were consumed. Greeks and other mediterranean peoples ate a version of flatbread with herbs and oil, much like today’s focaccia. However, the birthplace of modern pizza is Italy’s Southwestern Campania region, where the city of Naples is. Naples was founded around 600 B.C. as a Greek settlement and in the 1700s and early 1800s was a thriving waterfront city. Functioning as an independent city-state, Naples was notorious for its throngs of working poor, or lazzaroni. These working-class Neapolitans had a demand for inexpensive meals that could be eaten on the go. Pizza- flatbreads with various toppings, consumed for any meal and purchased from street vendors or informal restaurants- was able to meet this demand. Higher-class Italians often judged these eating habits “disgusting,” though it was beloved by the commoners. These early pizzas eaten by the Neapolitan poor shared some of the delicious garnishes such as tomatoes, cheese, olive oil, anchovies, and garlic that we use today. After Italy unified in 1861, Queen Margherita visited Naples. Legend has it that the queen asked for pizzas and enjoyed the pizza mozzarella the most, which was topped with soft white cheese, red tomatoes, and green basil (which mimicked the colors of the Italian flag). 


We Have The Best Pizza


So how did pizza travel to the United States, where Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant now has the best pizza Hollywood FL has to offer? Immigrants to the United States from Naples began to replicate their trust, crusty pizzas in cities such as New York and Chicago. Quickly, the flavors and aromas of pizza caught on and grew immensely popular with non-Neapolitans and non-Italians. One of the first documented pizzerias in the United States was G. (for Gennaro) Lombardi’s on Spring Street in Manhattan, which got a formal license to sell pizza in 1905. Before this, the dish was generally made at home or sold by vendors without a license. As Italiuan-Americans began to migrate from the city to the suburbs, pizza’s popularity grew and was no longer seen as an “ethnic” treat, becoming almost universal in American households.


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The history of pizza traveling to the United States is complex. What’s pretty simple is this- Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant has some of the best pizza around in Hollywood, FL. Call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant today for some of the tastiest pizza Hollywood FL has to offer!


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Italian Dishes & What Vegans Should Order

Are you a brand new vegan and worried you won’t be able to enjoy some of your favorite foods? This includes Italian dishes. Here at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant, our team of cuisine experts wants to make sure you are aware of all the best food it is available to your new lifestyle. We are one of the best Italian restaurants near me. 


Enjoy the Best Food!

For many people in America, the words “Italian food” conjures images of cheesy pizzas, creamy pasta sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, and plenty of meaty bolognese and lasagnas. While you can certainly recreate any of those meals out of entirely plant-based ingredients at home, if you’re not dining at a vegan restaurant, you’re not likely going to be able to order those meals when you’re dining out — but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your dinner out at an Italian restaurant! We’ve put together a helpful go-to guide to help you order satisfying, well-rounded, and tasty plant-based dishes at Italian restaurants.


Follow These Tips For Italian Dishes

  • Little bites and appetizers
    • A popular plant-based appetizer you could try is Bruschetta al Pomodoro, or tomato bruschetta, which is essentially a diced tomato topping on top of a piece of crispy bread. While this dish is traditionally vegan-friendly, some establishments might brush their crispy toasts with butter or toss some cheese into their bruschetta, so specify that you want it without any dairy. If you’re interested in making some fun variations at home, we recommend this Polenta Bruschetta and this herbaceous Mushroom Pesto Bruschetta.
  • Beans and Soup are your best friend!
    • Minestra di verdure, or Minestrone Soup, is an often meat-free, tomato-based soup that features an assortment of beans, onions, celery, carrots, and other veggies, often with the addition of pasta or rice. Tomatoes are a great source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to helping reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • Always Go Heavy on the Veggie
    • Caponata is a Sicilian eggplant dish that usually also features tomatoes, olives, onions, and capers fried in olive oil. Some restaurants will list it under appetizers, and some will list it under entrées, so hunt around until you find it. 
  • Try a Plant-Based Pasta or a Pizza
    • You can always rely on pasta al Pomodoro e Basilico, which is pasta with tomato sauce and basil, or look out for pasta Aglio e olio, which translates to pasta with hot pepper and garlic. Pasta alla puttanesca is also on most menus (although you will have to hold the anchovies) and so is pasta alla norma, which is a traditional Sicilian pasta dish that features eggplant, but you will have to order it without the cheese. 


Call The Best Italian Restaurant Near Me 

Just because you are vegan does not mean you can’t enjoy Italian dishes! Our restaurant has exactly what you have been searching for! We are here to showcase the best locations for Italian food in Italy. If you are looking for the best pizza, Hollywood, FL, call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant today to make a reservation! We consider ourselves the best Italian restaurant near me. 


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Italian Desserts You Need to Try Before You Die

Italian food is its own treasure. There is something unique about the feeling you get after you enjoy a tasty Italian meal. Here at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant, our staff is here to ensure you get the best Italian dining experience, right here in Hollywood, FL. But what is the best part of the meal? It is the desserts! We are here today to inform you of the best Italian desserts there is. It is no wonder why we are deemed as the best Italian restaurant near me. 


We Are The Italian Dining Experience

We are committed to bringing quality, home-cooked Italian food to South Florida, so we use only fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. In fact, we have won the prestigious Hollywood Gazette, “Best Of Hollywood, FL 2011 “ Annual Reader’s Choice Contest amongst other awards. We extremely proud of our accomplishments, none of which would be possible without your strong and continual support over the years.


Check Out These 10 Italian Desserts

  • Sfogliatelle
    • These unique, Italian ricotta-filled pastries are made with layers of a very thinly rolled, flaky pasta dough instead of puff pastry. Unlike a fluffy croissant, the shell is delightfully crunchy and sturdy enough to hold all of that delicious filling.
  • Cannoli
    • What could possibly be better than heavenly whipped ricotta with chocolate and candied fruit, all wrapped in crispy pastry shells?
  • Italian Pizzelle
    • “Pizze” means flat in Italian, and these flat, crisp waffle cookies make for great ice cream sandwiches. Alternatively, you can dip these treats in hot chocolate or coffee to satisfy your sweet tooth mid-day.
  • Siena Panforte
    • Originating in Siena, this traditional chewy Italian dessert, chock-full of dried fruit and nuts, keeps well and serves as a great gift for dinner party hosts during the holidays or any time of year.
  • Torrone Italian Nougat
    • Soft, chewy nougat is sweetened with honey and sugar, bound together by fluffy egg whites. A small slice of this Italian treat dotted with nuts is a healthier way to yield to your Halloween candy craving.
  • Dulce De Leche Panna Cotta
    • Rich dulce de leche and sweet raspberry jam star in this mouth-watering spin on classic panna cotta.
  • Classic Tiramisu
    • Layers of ladyfingers drenched in a rum-infused coffee syrup, mascarpone cream, and grated chocolate, this classic recipe for tiramisu is rich and fluffy, and simply irresistible.
  • Classic Cranberry Almond Biscotti
    • Packed with almonds and dried cranberries, these nutty-flavored biscotti are crisp, tender, and ideal for dipping in tea or coffee.
  • Chocolate-Hazelnut Gelato
    • Packed with Nutella flavor and garnished with toasted hazelnuts for a bit of crunch, this incredibly rich and creamy gelato is the perfect way for any grown-up to enjoy the classic chocolate spread.
  • Grapefruit Zabaglione over Mixed Berries
    • Zabaglione is an Italian dessert typically made with eggs, sugar and sweet wine, but Giada went kid-friendly with this version by using grapefruit juice, adding a slightly bitter contrast to the sweet fruit and sugary egg mixture.


Call The Best Italian Restaurant Near Me

There are many traditional Italian dishes for you to discover and learn the history about, especially Italian dessert. It is time to know the difference. Compliment this tasty meal with the cities freshest ingredients.  If you are looking for the best Italian Hollywood FL, call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant today to make a reservation! We are the best pizza restaurant near me. Stop by and see for yourself. We have deemed the best Italian restaurant near me.


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Italian Food & Places Your Must See In Italy

Are you taking a trip to Italy in the near future? If so, it is important to make sure that you are visiting the right places around this beautiful country. Here at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant, we want to make sure that you get the best advice to make your trip the best it can possibly be. When it comes to Italian food, we know what we are talking about. We offer the best pizza Hollywood FL. 


You Must Visit Italy

Are you wondering what places you must see in Italy? Rome is typically the first city that pops in everyone’s head. This is known as Italy’s token tourist destination, but to really appreciate this beautiful country you need to step outside the walls of the Eternal City. Venture into the countryside for miles of vineyards and olive orchards, or explore seaside villages with clusters of ancient, colorful homes.


Our Top 5 Cities for Italian Food

  • Venice
    • Venice is definitely a place you must visit in Italy! Escape the hustle and bustle of city life in Venice, notorious for its hundreds of canals and complete lack of cars. Venice seems to be suspended in time with its traditional carnivals and masks, beautiful architecture, and markets like Mercati di Rialto that date back to the 11th century!
  • Tuscany
    • There’s plenty to do in the cities of Tuscany, but in the countryside, you can finally live out your Under the Tuscan Sun fantasy in a provincial town with a good bottle of wine. Cycle the town of Lucca during their mid-afternoon shutdown, stay in a rural luxury spa hotel like Villa la Borghetta, and drink your way through some of the most tastefully (literally) wineries in the region.
  • Siena
    • Siena is known to be the “Medieval Heart of Tuscany,” home to more beautiful Gothic cathedrals, towers, and piazzas than you could possibly see in the time of your visit. The Siena Cathedral and the Torre Del Mangia in Piazza del Campo are sightseeing musts at any time of the year, but if you’re lucky enough to visit during the Il Palio horse race in the summer, make sure to be in attendance! 
  • Bologna
    • It is no coincidence the city of Bologna shares its name with a meat! Here you’ll find the best meat-inclusive dishes in the country, such as filled pasta, sauces, meatballs and antipasti. Take a food tour and sample local delicacies, and see the area’s treasured sites like the sacred San Petronio Basilica. It may fall behind other tourism cities in popularity, but this hidden gem of a foodie destination is the real deal when it comes to unparalleled Italian fare!
  • Italian Lake District
    • The Italian Lake District is made up of multiple lakes each of which has its own character and draws. Lake Como is a short hour drive from Milan while neighboring Lake Maggiore and its dramatic alps backdrop is an excellent destination for history (the Isola Bella!) and exotic Mediterranean greenery.


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There are many traditional Italian dishes for you to discover and learn the history about, especially pasta. The best place to do this is in the mother country itself!  If you are looking for the best pizza Hollywood FL, call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant today to make a reservation! We are the best Italian food. Stop by and see for yourself.  We are deemed one of the best Italian restaurants.

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Is Italian Food Good For You? Find Out Now

For many people in the United States, when it comes to Italian cuisine, they start thinking about very heavy food with a lot of carbohydrates and cheese. In a society that is so oversaturated with different diet and workout fads, and is so health-conscious, they may not recognize how healthy the Mediterranean diet is. In fact, the Italian cuisine based on pasta, bread, and cheese can actually be very healthy. So is Italian food healthy? Italy is a Mediterranean country, and many studies have discovered that such diets found in this area of the world actually hold many health benefits, varying from cutting down the risk of cancer to longevity in life. Read on to learn more about the various ways that Italian cuisine can be healthy, and why you should enjoy it more often! Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant provides pizza Hollywood FL residents enjoy. Call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, FL today and enjoy some fresh Italian cuisine!


Ways Italian Cuisine Is Healthy


Healthy Italian food does exist, and some traditional Italian dishes can be some of the healthiest meal choices that you can make. Read on to find out the reasons why!


  • Processed Minimally- One of the standout reasons that Italian cuisine can be beneficial for you is due to the fact that very few ingredients used in a traditional menu are processed. Pasta, bread, oils, and even dairy should be minimally processed and of high quality, such as those that we utilize here at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant. Our high-quality ingredients is one of the reasons that Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant provides pizza Hollywood FL residents rave about.


  • Fresh Ingredients- Authentic Italian cuisine contains a large variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. Main staples include tomatoes, spinach, citrus fruit, seafood, onions, and garlic. Each of these staples provide many health benefits, ranging from Vitamin A and C to healthy omega-3 fatty acids. 


Get Italian Food Today!

  • Antioxidants- Many of the key ingredients in Italian diets are full of antioxidants! Many studies have illustrated that such a diet helps to speed up your body’s metabolism as well as help to detoxify it. Antioxidants found in a Meditarranean diet such as lycopene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium, beta-carotene, and lutein, are all great for your body and help to get rid of free radical particles, which can harm tissues and also may be associated with cancer. 
  • Heart Health- Seafood and olive oil are two essential components in Italian cuisine, and both of these ingredients are very good when it comes to having a healthy heart. The healthy, unsaturated fats, healthy cholesterol, and omega-3 fatty acids found in the Italian cuisine are essential for keeping your heart healthy. Moreover, the grains that are found in the bread, pasta, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes of this Mediterranean cuisine all also have plenty of fiber, which helps to lower blood sugar and promotes heart health. 


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Far from what many Americans may think of Italian cuisine, Italian food can be very healthy when the ingredients are fresh and the meals are authentic. This is why we at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant only use the highest quality ingredients and techniques in order to create authentic Italian dishes and pizza Hollywood FL residents love. Call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, FL today for your delicious Italian meal!


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