How Our Italian Pizza Dough Differs From American Pizza

pizza places near me Hollywood flWhen you are looking for pizza places near me, Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is the place to be when you are craving authentic Italian pizza Hollywood FL consumers love. At Sebastiano’s we make want to bring the taste of Italy right to your table, so the quality of our food is very important to us. Italian food is amazing and when it is cooked right and to perfection, all of your indulgences are worth it. One of the most vital aspects of our business is our authenticity. We own an Italian eatery so we specialize in creating only the best Italian dishes. Pizza is one of the most popular Italian foods in America. Since so many people are creating different versions of this food, we make sure we use only the freshest ingredients and homemade Italian recipes in order to stand out above the rest. Our customers always leave full and satisfied.


Our Pizza Dough


When it comes to pizza, we are pros. Americans love pizza. So much so that it is a household word. Whether you prefer dining in or going out, pizza is great for any occasion. If you want to sit down and have a nice meal with a friend, Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant offers a quaint ambiance that is perfect for a quiet dinner where friends can catch up or a casual yet romantic meal with your significant other. If you are always on the run and don’t have time to sit down for a meal, ordering to-go is always an option. We want you to have a taste of Italy at your convenience.


What makes us different when looking for pizza places near me? Our dough. Our pizza dough does not just come from a box. We make the dough with an actual authentic recipe and we take our time to make sure it is created perfectly from scratch. What shocks most people is the quality difference between homemade Italian pizza dough and dough you eat that is out of a box or container. The bread really makes all the difference in the world when it comes to pizza and that’s why we put so much time and effort into making our dough from scratch.


What Makes Us Different


Anyone can throw together pizza ingredients and cook it in the oven but what makes us stand out when you’re looking for pizza places near me, is our determination and love of food. Our traditional Italian culture makes for pizza Hollywood FL residents can’t get enough of. Our authentic meals and family-oriented ambiance make us one of the best Italian restaurants in South Florida.


Contact Us


When you are seeking pizza Hollywood FL consumers enjoy, come to check out Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant! We provide amazing, traditional Italian meals and put our heart into everything we make. Our Italian restaurant will give you everything your taste buds desire and yes, they will thank you. To make a reservation call us at 954-983-1924 or visit our website! We look forward to serving you amazing Italian dishes you are sure to love.

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Toppings Selection For Our Pizza Lovers in Hollywood FL

toppings for pizza in hollywood flSebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is one of the most popular local hotspots when it comes to finding delicious and homemade pizza in Hollywood FL. With their freshly made dough and attention to detail when creating their sauces, residents have come to them for years and years with their families. One aspect that is notable about the pizza is the toppings! With so many fresh and delicious options, what is not to like?

What Pizza Toppings Do They Offer?

At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant you can expect to find the following toppings selection:

  • Sausage
  • Pepperoni
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Fresh Peppers
  • Meatballs
  • Anchovies
  • Black Olives
  • Ham
  • Pineapple
  • Bacon
    With so many options, it is hard to resist ordering a delicious pizza pie!

What Makes Their Toppings Different From Other Pizza Stores?

You may initially think to yourself, the list above is nothing unique, why should I care? If so, you are in for a surprise. Most pizzerias will utilize canned and processed fruits and vegetables for their toppings. Here at Sebastiano’s, that is never the case! All of the fruits and vegetables are chopped fresh daily at their authentic Italian eatery. They do not want any family and their children to eat “fake food”. They are proud of the food they offer and want you to taste the difference with every slice. The authentic Italian sausage is one popular topping. Fresh pineapple is also a local favorite.

How Many Toppings Can I Have On My Pizza?

There is no limit as to how many toppings you can add on your pie. The more the merrier we feel! With so much flavor, why limit yourself to only one or two. Get creative, and when inspiration hits create your own unique combinations of toppings and pizza flavors.

What Is The Charge Per Topping? Is There a Charge?

When it comes to getting a great value for pizza in Hollywood FL, Sebastiano’s is it! They keep it simple. Rather than charging you per topping, they motivate you to get creative with your toppings by offering a flat fee for their topping. If you order a medium pie the toppings cost will be $1.75, large pies $1.95, and Sicilian size is $2.25. Adding toppings has never been easier or more affordable. Freshly cut fruits, vegetable, and meats are only a phone call away!

What If The Topping I Want is Not Offered?

If you do not see the topping you desire listed on our menu not to worry! This family-owned Italian restaurant is always listening to their customers and adapting to the demand. If you desire a topping such as artichoke hearts, for example, to be offered please write to our owners and let them know! In no time, you may see your topping listed!

Contact Sebastiano’s Now For Delicious Pizza in Hollywood FL!

Come into Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant today! No one can compare when it comes to finding authentic and freshly made Pizza in Hollywood FL! Call them today to leave your requests or to make an order: (954) 983-1924

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How Sebastiano’s Gives Back With School Pizza Hollywood FL!

School Pizza Hollywood FL

Sebastiano’s has been open for more than 30 years in Hollywood, FL. They offer authentic pizza made from scratch that consumers love. When people ask where to go to get the very best Italian food, they are always directed to Sebastiano’s, Pizza Hollywood FL residents highly recommend.

Giving Back To School’s

Sebastiano’s provides weekly lunches to two different schools in South Florida and are always committed to serving the community. The owners Sebastian and Maria are very involved in the community and find it important to have a family-oriented restaurant that contributes to the community. Along with serving lunches to schools in South Florida, they have been featured in the Miami Herald, The Sun-Sentinel, and also participated in the Fort Lauderdale Cajun festival.

The Staff’s Commitment To Great Food

The recipes are homemade and put together with only the freshest ingredients. The staff is personable and the ambiance is calm and peaceful. They are a family restaurant and want their customers to feel as if they are part of the family when eating at the restaurant. They have a variety of dishes but are known for their pizza Hollywood FL residents love. All of their dishes are thought out and together the menu creates a traditional italian dinner menu. They offer delivery services, catering, outdoor seating and much more.

School Kids Love Pizza

After a summer of eating great food with their families, a lot of kids are disappointed when they go back to school lunches. Most school lunches consist of unregulated food items which are most likely stored in a freezer all summer long. Having Sebastiano’s serving schools pizza Hollywood FL children love is a great way to connect with the community but also make sure school children are eating well.

How To Promote Selling Lunches To Schools

There are tons of ways to promote a restaurant such as Sebastiano’s through schools. Providing coupons to drive business and sponsoring sports teams can go a long way. Most schools have a bunch of different sports teams and usually a lot of supporters so sponsoring them is a great way to get business but also help with the foundation of education. By sponsoring sports teams and supporting the school, Sebastiano’s can give a percentage of the money made back to the school for things they need. Fundraising is also a great way to help your business and schools at the same time. Schools always need money or supplies so if Sebastiano’s offered a meal certificate during a fundraiser than Sebastiano’s can bring in business and give some of the proceeds to the school. Sebastiano’s Pizza Hollywood FL kids and all residents love is raved about. Giving back to schools is just one of the many ways they stay connected in the community.

If you want a classic Italian dinner or an awesome pizza Hollywood FL communities love, come on over to Sebastiano’s! You can contact us at 954-983-1924 or visit our website: We look forward to hearing from you and serving you up a great meal!

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