The Difference Between Our Pizza & Stromboli


Our pizza is comprised of dough, sauce and mozzarella cheese, just like any other. However, our homemade toppings and sauces make all the difference. The idea of a homemade pizza, rather than something frozen should make your tummy rumble. Fresh out of the oven, Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant makes pizza a healthier option for diners because we do not use fake ingredients and fillers as pre-made pizzas do. Knowing that your pizza is being freshly made to order, with the ingredients you requested is something our customers love. If something were not to taste to your liking, we are here to fix or remake it for you! Everything we offer is made fresh daily! We take pride in serving real Italian food, every day and night.

Stromboli is dough, just like pizza. What some customers do not know, is that a stromboli is a dough, cheese, and toppings folded over, baked and served with sauces on the side. A stromboli is a popular menu item due to the idea of having more crust. For many, the crust is their favorite part of eating pizza, so why not order something that is 90% dough with some of your favorite toppings on the inside, and a dipping sauce to complete the flavor? Our ingredients are prepared daily and baked to perfection for each order that comes through the kitchen.

Curious about to do when you visit Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant for dinner, have the meal of a lifetime, and want to bring our recipes home with you? Do not leave without our takeout menu for your ordering convenience from home! We take pride in our menu, however, we want to inform you that our dinner menu has more options to make your experience a memorable one.

Pizza Delivery

Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is happy to announce that we deliver our pizza and other meal items to your front door. Good pizza is hard to come by, but having a place where you can order, obtain a freshly made pizza, and have it delivered to your door in Hollywood, Florida, is a fabulous thing. Sebastiano’s is the place for you and your family when you seek authentic Italian food with thoughtful ingredients. The thought process behind delivery is quick, easy, and affordable, and that’s just what it is. When you have had a rough day, and do not want to think about dinner, call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant and receive your fresh baked pizza or stromboli today.

Still Can’t Decide? Let Us Help!

Italian food comes in many shapes and sizes. Dough is dough, but it tastes different depending on the meal you choose. Our sauce and cheeses are used to prep all meals, however, the amount used differs per item. It all comes down to how much of a dough lover you are when deciding whether to select our stromboli or pizza. If time is a factor, we can promise you Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is well worth the wait. These days, many restaurants come and go, they open, have a good few months and then slowly come to a close. At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant we are happy to say we have been open for over 3 decades.

Contact Us

Hungry and craving Italian food? Call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant now (954) 983-1924 to place an order. Come in to pick up or tell us where to deliver your order!

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