Food Trivia: 10 Fun Facts About Italian Cuisine!

Family style Italian restaurants can be a fun excursion for a family dinner. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood presents ten facts about Italian cuisine. Searching “Italian restaurant near me” will not always yield you the right results. Instead, visit Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant and sample our delicious Italian food. Stop searching “Italian restaurant near me” and contact us to learn more about our food or visit our website to see our menu items.


1) Italian Food Did Not Always Use Tomatoes


Until the 1700s, Italians did not use tomatoes in their cooking. Other popular Italian ingredients include basil, garlic, olive oil, oregano, mozzarella, pasta, and sausage.


2) Margherita Pizza was Named After a Queen Consort


Raffaele Esposito was a Neapolitan pizza maker who created the Margherita pizza for the Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy. The ingredients, the basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes, represent the national colors of Italy.


3) Tiramisu Means “Pick Me Up”


Tiramisu’s direct translation from Italian is “pick me up.” This is not the only food item that is like this; Saltimbocca translates into “jump into mouth.”

4) Cappuccinos are a Breakfast Drink


Both cappuccinos and lattes are considered a drink that can only be had early in the day because it is a milky coffee.


5) There are More Than 600 Kinds of Pasta


Worldwide, there are more than 600 kinds of pasta from all different cultures.


6) Wedding Soup is Actually Married Soup


Wedding soup is actually called wedding soup because the Italian name for it, minestra maritata, literally means married soup. This soup is called married soup because of the marriage of the flavors between greens and broth in the soup.


7) Despite What Family Style Italian Restaurants Say, Italian Meals Separate Meat and Pasta


In primo piatto, or first plate, Italians eat their pasta. Then, in their secondo piatto, Italians eat meat with vegetables.


8) Prosciutto Used to Be Banned


Until 1989, prosciutto, the famous cured ham from Italy, was banned from export to the United States.


9) The Average Italian Person Eats a Lot of Pasta


Italian people eat, on average, fifty-one pounds of pasta each year, whereas Americans eat only fifteen and a half pounds on average.


10) February 13th is National Eat Italian Food Day


The day may have already passed, but that is no reason not to celebrate eating delicious Italian food. In fact, there are other holidays that you can celebrate such as National Pizza Day on February 9th and National Ravioli Day is on March 20th.


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