How to Pair the Right Wine with Your Next Italian Meal

Food and wine pairing suggestions from Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, FL can be helpful when you are just not sure what you want. How to pair the right wine with your next Italian meal is the popular question that we can answer for you. The search for an Italian restaurant near me is over. Trust us to help you fill your belly and satisfy your cravings!


Food and Wine Pairing


Sometimes opposites attract, but not always with wine. It is not always necessary to get it right and drink what goes with what when deciding on a food and wine pairing. You should always drink what you like and like what you drink.


First, you want to match the wine with foods of similar richness and textures. Think about what is going to bring out the characteristics of both. For example:


-A nice acidic Chaini will pair perfectly with a tangy tomato based pasta with pungent cheese, like parmiggiano.  


-A light, crisp and fragrant Vernaccia white is well suited for all seafood dishes, a light cream sauce maybe.


– Vermentino, a white grape wine, is also another good pairing with seafood.


Balancing Taste Comes Next


The salty and sour taste in food will make wine taste mild (fruitier and less acidic), whereas most sweet and savory taste make wine taste stronger (drier and more astringent).


Balancing the Acidity of Food to Your Wine


Pinot Grigio are great with citrus based foods like lemon chicken or light and floral soups or stews. A good dessert wine that is very sweet like Vin Santo, which pairs nicely with a biscotti or torte. This wine should always be just as sweet or sweeter than what you are eating.


Consider the Region


Look at where the wine is from and try to pick a dish from the same area. Take note of the spices and vegetables that are popular to pair with the wine so that the complete dish has a taste you are looking for. Remember that the soil that the vegetables and fruits grow in will be the same base for the vines and have a similar taste. Usually, if the soil and vines go together, the food and wine go together.


Searching for an Italian Restaurant Near Me?


When in doubt, the rules of food and wine pairing are there to be broken. They are simply suggestions, not musts. Having a glass of wine while dining at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is only a choice to complete your meal and make it a little more enjoyable. Come in today to try out many specials and types of wine we have to offer. We have something for everyone and can guarantee your whole family will be able to find something on the menu. We have options from pizza to pasta dishes of all kinds to meet all types of cravings.  


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If you are looking for a new place to try a good food and wine pairing, come into Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, FL and put an end to the search for a good Italian restaurant near me. Our friendly staff and recipes you must try will keep you wanting more!

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