5 Massive Sized Pizzas

Pizza is a classic dish that is a must have for many. As a pizza lover, the idea of a giant pizza, is an option that can’t be passed up. There are a few true places that can deliver flavor for a large sized pie. Especially pies that are gourmet in ingredients and provide a fresh and satisfying dining experience. At Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, Florida there are an assortment of pizzas that come at a massive size, to your delight.  


Classic Style

When one thinks of pizza Hollywood, FL, Sebastiano’s is the first that should come to mind. Classic in their Italian dining style, the slices also represent the perfect kind of pie any Italian restaurant should have. The Margherita Pizza is made with all fresh ingredients. With fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil. This pie has a blend of flavors that shouldn’t be overlooked. What makes it even more special, is that it includes Seb’s homemade mozzarella. Not only is the Margherita a classic pizza staple, but also the White Pizza is an admirable choice to make. With it’s blend of fresh ingredients, and classic ricotta cheese topping, you’ll want more once it’s finished. Pizza like that, on a large scale, is surely something that you can’t miss.


Meat Lover’s Giant Pizza

Pizza Hollywood, FL is the place to be for a worthwhile Meat Lover’s Pizza. Packed with flavor from an assortment of ingredients, Sebastiano’s provides not one, but two pizzas that fulfill the meat lover’s appetite. The original Meat Lover’s Pizza comes with pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, and ham. With all those ingredients, there is definitely a variety of meat all on one single pie. Seb’s Way Pizza is a variation of the original Meat Lover’s. It includes all of the original meats as well as mushrooms, black olives, and onions for added flavor. A massive Seb’s Way Pizza will definitely deliver to your taste buds.


Deliciously Simple

Massive sized pizza doesn’t have to be too elaborate. Sometimes a single topping will get the job done. A Spinach Pie is an option for a massive pie that doesn’t need an assortment of ingredients to deliver on flavor. You can channel your inner “Popeye the Sailor Man”, with a large Spinach Pie Pizza, and with the large size it’ll have you feeling as strong as him too.  It also is an appropriate vegetarian option, for those that have more of an affinity to vegetables on their delicious pies. It’s pizza simple but satisfying.


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Get your giant pizza today! You can’t go wrong with a satisfying meal on a large scale. Pizza Hollywood, FL is a must stop for any pie especially at Sebastian’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, Florida. It is the place to be for your massive sized pizza cravings. There are so many styles of pizza to choose from, and with a large variety, returning for a different style of pizza is always an option. The pizzas will definitely deliver on flavor and the size will quench any appetite. Call today to make a reservation!

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