Gnocchi – The Italian Dumplings

It’s astounding how some foods get a lot of attention and become a staple among food lovers while other irresistible delicacies never make it into the same limelight. When it comes to Italian cuisine, pasta variations such as penne, fusilli, and spaghetti are popular around the world. However, another food item that is ready to make its impact on the world is Gnocchi and there would be no better place to try these Italian dumplings other than Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant.

Gnocchi: A New Culinary Delight

Considered a culinary delight with its soft doughy dumplings dressed with simple yet delicious ingredients. The most interesting aspect of this Italian dish is the several different ways it can be made, every region in Italy has its own ingredients and recipe. However, everything is about to change, because several restaurants are offering this delicious Italian delicacy.

Each one offers unique flavors from delicious sauces. Some of the popular cooking methods are boiling, baking, and frying, each one adds a new dimension to this Italian classic when it is stuffed with different herbs, vegetables, meats and spices. If you are tempted to try this tantalizing comfort from Italy, start looking for an Italian restaurant near me and order a delightful bowl.

Delectable Potato Gnocchi

This potato gnocchi is a popular variety found outside of Italy. In Italy, the dish is more common in the north part of the country usually eaten with fresh pasta because they contain egg and flour but the main ingredient is mashed potato. It is made with mashed potatoes, dough, and eggs; combining everything into a single dough mixture and shaping it into tiny cylinders with ridges. The ridges can be made with a paddle or you can use the back of the fork to give them the classic shape. The ridges help absorb the sauce when it is cooked and mixed in a sauce. It can be baked, boiled or fried whichever method you prefer. If you are tempted, the easy way out it to search an Italian restaurant near me.

The Tempting Malloreddus

If you want to eat something unique, served hot and oozing with delicious flavors from the sauce then you must order the Malloreddus or the gnocchetti Sardi. Originating in Sardinia, this perfect dish is made with simple ingredients, semolina and water and sometimes saffron is added for color and flavor. This is something you must order from an Italian restaurant near me. This gnocchetti Sardi is unique, denser, and chewier making it a perfect dish for everyone.

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