Why A Good Pizza Makes The Best Meal

Regular medium pepperoni, thin-crust chicken with alfredo sauce, or the highly controversial ham and pineapple? Like beauty, pizza comes in many shapes and sizes, and always tastes as if it were blessed by the gods. Whatever your personal preference, there’s no way to deny that good pizza is a highly versatile and sought after meal for all occasions from weddings, to birthdays, to boring staff meetings, and even that one day every so often you manage to drag yourself to the gym. You did well, you deserve a treat at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant. Whatever the celebration is for, as look as it includes pizza, you’re doing it right. Luckily, there’s no shortage of pizza in Hollywood, FL. Even if you can’t find what you need from a restaurant, there’s always Pinterest to supply you with any pizza recipe your heart desires.


The Best Time to Eat Pizza


In a word: Always. There’s never wrong time for your favorite slice of pie. Whether it’s Sunday morning and you’re nursing a hangover, Wednesday night and you’re winding down with your favorite show, or Friday night snuggled up with that special someone watching a movie at home, pizza is never a wrong choice. Even if there’s no longer a special someone in your life, you will always be able to find peace in pizza’s comforting arms, or rather cheesy deliciousness. There’s also that chance that your favorite pizza place has that certain pizza delivery person you’d like to have a chat with before they hand you the best gift of all: pizza. Even if your conversation with the delivery person isn’t the Hallmark movie love bloom you may desire, you still get pizza, which is better than any mid-afternoon daytime romance flick. There’s no shortage of bad times that pizza will make good, or good times that pizza will make even better.


Where to Find Good Pizza


Everywhere. There are approximately 61,000 pizzerias in the united states. While about half of those are in New York City, that still leaves about 30,000 pizza places everywhere else. Since 1905 when pizza was first brought to the US, pizza has gone through many changes and has spread like a wildfire throughout the country. It would be difficult to go to any decently urbanized city without spotting at least 5 or six pizza places along your daily commute. Of course, authentic pizza places will always win out against more commercialized places, such as Pizza Hut or Dominos. The time of day doesn’t matter when it comes to such a blessed food. Morning, noon, or night, pizza is always the right choice.




If you’re looking for the perfect meal for an upcoming birthday, or you’re just not sure what to have for dinner tonight, be sure to look nearby for pizza in Hollywood, FL for some good pizza. Of course, we all know that all pizza is going to be good but ours is something special. No matter the day, time, or occasion, look to pizza to satisfy any and every guest, parent, or grumpy teenager who never can decide what they want to eat until they’re staring at that perfect pizza pie. Contact us today!


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