Want Healthy Food Near Me? Try Italian!

Italian cuisine is healthy and full of nutrients if cooked in the traditional way. Italian foods are made with natural ingredients and olive oil is the main source of healthy fats in Italian cooking. This particular cuisine is so popular that every country has a tiny Italy in their cities. If you are in the mood to eat healthily and if you are looking for healthy food near me then Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is your best choice for healthy Italian food in Hollywood Florida.

Looking for Healthy Food Near Me?

People across the U.S. are moving towards a healthier diet and a healthy lifestyle. The demand for organic, healthy but mouthwatering food has increased. On top of the game is Italian cuisine America’s most favorite foods.

So why is Italian food one of the best in the world? The answer is simple! Because Italian cuisine has something for everyone! From fresh vegetables and fruits to exotic meats and organs, and plenty of cheese. The best part is most of the cheese used in Italian cooking is not overly processed, most cheeses are naturally aged and free from chemicals and thorough processing. You must be salivating right now so why don’t you try some traditional Italian healthy foods at Sebastiano’s one of the best Italian restaurant near me in Hollywood FL.

Italian Food: A Healthy Gastronomical Delight!

Italian cuisine has plenty of options when it comes to food and nutrition for staying healthy. From the far north to the south, so many distinguished flavors come from using fresh and organic ingredients. Some of the most popular Italian dishes are Milanese cutlet, Parmigiano Reggiano, Fiorentina, Parma ham, gelato and last but definitely not the least is pizza, the king of all foods in Italy.

Healthy Salads and Hearty Soups

If you want to eat light and healthy then Italian food offers plenty of options so, it’s time to look for an Italian restaurant near me. You can toss up a healthy antipasto salad with your favorite ingredients and dressing of your choice with olive oil. Add the dressing to the salad bowl and toss up a delicious light salad. Italian cuisine has a variety of soups that are filling and healthy. An irresistible minestrone soup is an excellent source of fiber and nutrients.

Healthy Pasta and Pizzas

Pasta and pizzas are notorious for wrecking a havoc on your waistline because they are made with lots of cheese, oil, and butter. Take these simple carbs and create something healthy with it. Pasta and pizza can be light meals as well, depending on what you put on them. If you want to find healthy Italian food then look for an Italian restaurant near me.

A whole wheat pasta with a simple low-calorie sauce with a grilled meat or sausage is perfectly hearty and does not add pounds to your waist. Pizzas if cooked the right traditional way with fresh tomato based sauce, some mozzarella cheese, olives, and chunks of tomato are a filling and healthy food.  

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