Italian Cheese – What 5 Cheeses We Take Credit For

There are few things in this world that are better than cheese, especially Italian cheese. Usually when people think of Italian food pasta is the first thing that comes to mind, but cheese is another world famous delicacy that comes from the boot-shaped country. These ingredients have made their way around the world and into the American diet. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, FL takes all of these fantastic flavors and infuses them into their dishes to deliver authentic Italian dishes. Eating here will have you eliminating the need to search for “Italian restaurants near me.”


Top Five: The Italian Cheese Edition

Many things have come out of Italy that people around the world love and food is at the top of that list without a doubt. Next to pasta definitely comes cheese. Mainly because every Italian dish you try to recreate (including pasta) calls for some form of cheese. Anytime you head out to dinner with friends and search “Italian restaurants near me” you will end up sitting somewhere eating one of the top five Italian cheeses listed below!

  • Parmesan

This is named after the area around Parma because it is where the cheese originated. This is a hard cheese with a grainy texture. It has a sharp and robust aroma while simultaneously having a savory flavor. Parmesan is considered the cheese of all cheeses. It most famously used sprinkled over pasta and used as the main ingredient in soups and risottos. Italians will also enjoy this simply as an afternoon snack.

  • Gorgonzola

There’s no surprise that this cheese is named after the Gorgonzola region. It is soft and crumbly and can have a versatile flavor being able to be made with a sharp or mild taste. What makes the difference of flavor? It solely depends on the age of the cheese when it is processed and prepared. This particular cheese has a more nutty aroma. It is a blue-veined cheese made from unskimmed cow’s milk and can take up to four months to be made before it’s ready to be consumed. It is best served with red wine and your favorite pasta dish.

  • Mozzarella

Probably the most famous of the Italian cheeses, it originates in the regions of Puglia, Molise, Abruzzo, and Campania. This cheese is semi-soft with a stringy texture. It consists of a milky flavor and aroma. Mozzarella was initially made from buffalo milk, but today it is made from cow’s milk more often than not. One thing that sets this cheese apart from others is that it does not age. It is always served and eaten fresh. This versatile cheese can be served hot or cold on salads, meats, fish, vegetables, or even pasta.

  • Provolone

This firm and grainy cheese comes from the Po Valley region. It is made with a mild or sharp buttery taste. It contains a high amount of calcium and protein, as well as a high level of salt. This cheese pairs fantastically with red wine and fresh bread still warm.

  • Ricotta

This fresh cheese can be made from sheep, cow, goat, or buffalo milk. It has a smooth sweet taste and is high in protein while being low in fat. This diverse cheese is used in many Italian dishes, both entrees, and desserts, including lasagna, cheesecake, ravioli, manicotti, pizza, calzones, and much more. Italians also add ricotta to sauce to make it thicker.


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