Italian Desserts You Need to Try Before You Die

Italian food is its own treasure. There is something unique about the feeling you get after you enjoy a tasty Italian meal. Here at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant, our staff is here to ensure you get the best Italian dining experience, right here in Hollywood, FL. But what is the best part of the meal? It is the desserts! We are here today to inform you of the best Italian desserts there is. It is no wonder why we are deemed as the best Italian restaurant near me. 


We Are The Italian Dining Experience

We are committed to bringing quality, home-cooked Italian food to South Florida, so we use only fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. In fact, we have won the prestigious Hollywood Gazette, “Best Of Hollywood, FL 2011 “ Annual Reader’s Choice Contest amongst other awards. We extremely proud of our accomplishments, none of which would be possible without your strong and continual support over the years.


Check Out These 10 Italian Desserts

  • Sfogliatelle
    • These unique, Italian ricotta-filled pastries are made with layers of a very thinly rolled, flaky pasta dough instead of puff pastry. Unlike a fluffy croissant, the shell is delightfully crunchy and sturdy enough to hold all of that delicious filling.
  • Cannoli
    • What could possibly be better than heavenly whipped ricotta with chocolate and candied fruit, all wrapped in crispy pastry shells?
  • Italian Pizzelle
    • “Pizze” means flat in Italian, and these flat, crisp waffle cookies make for great ice cream sandwiches. Alternatively, you can dip these treats in hot chocolate or coffee to satisfy your sweet tooth mid-day.
  • Siena Panforte
    • Originating in Siena, this traditional chewy Italian dessert, chock-full of dried fruit and nuts, keeps well and serves as a great gift for dinner party hosts during the holidays or any time of year.
  • Torrone Italian Nougat
    • Soft, chewy nougat is sweetened with honey and sugar, bound together by fluffy egg whites. A small slice of this Italian treat dotted with nuts is a healthier way to yield to your Halloween candy craving.
  • Dulce De Leche Panna Cotta
    • Rich dulce de leche and sweet raspberry jam star in this mouth-watering spin on classic panna cotta.
  • Classic Tiramisu
    • Layers of ladyfingers drenched in a rum-infused coffee syrup, mascarpone cream, and grated chocolate, this classic recipe for tiramisu is rich and fluffy, and simply irresistible.
  • Classic Cranberry Almond Biscotti
    • Packed with almonds and dried cranberries, these nutty-flavored biscotti are crisp, tender, and ideal for dipping in tea or coffee.
  • Chocolate-Hazelnut Gelato
    • Packed with Nutella flavor and garnished with toasted hazelnuts for a bit of crunch, this incredibly rich and creamy gelato is the perfect way for any grown-up to enjoy the classic chocolate spread.
  • Grapefruit Zabaglione over Mixed Berries
    • Zabaglione is an Italian dessert typically made with eggs, sugar and sweet wine, but Giada went kid-friendly with this version by using grapefruit juice, adding a slightly bitter contrast to the sweet fruit and sugary egg mixture.


Call The Best Italian Restaurant Near Me

There are many traditional Italian dishes for you to discover and learn the history about, especially Italian dessert. It is time to know the difference. Compliment this tasty meal with the cities freshest ingredients.  If you are looking for the best Italian Hollywood FL, call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant today to make a reservation! We are the best pizza restaurant near me. Stop by and see for yourself. We have deemed the best Italian restaurant near me.


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