8 Spices You Can Find in Our Italian Food Hollywood Locals!

In virtually all Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, a variety of spices that come from leaves, flowers, roots, bark, or seeds is very common. These spices are there so that they can enhance the flavor of every ingredient in order to truly bring out the flavor of the dish and put a spotlight on the food. Most people are familiar with herbs such as basil and oregano and associate these herbs with Italian cuisine, as these herbs as very commonly used for sauces, pastas, and pizzas. However in reality, Italian cooking incorporates many different herbal varieties and preparations that are utilized to make recipes or products. Read on to learn more about the various herbs that make Italian food such a standout cuisine. We at Sebastiano’s Italian utilize a variety of fresh herbs and seasonings to provide you with Italian food Hollywood locals rave about. Call Sebastiano’s Italian today for Italian classics and pizza Hollywood FL raves about!


Common Herbs, Spices, and Seasonings


There are many types of herbs used in Italian cooking in order to provide the flavors that we know and love. There are certain seasonings that are common to Italian cooking that you can find in the dishes that we at Sebastiano’s Italian prepare, such as our amazing pizza Hollywood FL residents are in love with.

  • Basilico (basil)- Called basilico in Italian, basil is an herb that we all have associations with when it comes to Italian cooking. One of the essential components of Italian cuisine, basil provides a warm, sweet, and characteristic flavor. In many pesto sauces, basil serves as the main ingredient, and it also mixes perfectly with other ingredients such as tomatoes.
  • Thymus (thyme)- Garlic and lemon go fantastically with thyme, and this herb is often used in soups, stew, and vinegars in Italian cooking.
  • Rosmarino (rosemary)- Rosemary is used very frequently with vegetables and in vinegars and breads due to its powerful and sweet flavor and aroma.
  • Aglio (garlic) – Due to the high versatility and use in sauces, dressing, garlic bread, and many other dishes, garlic is one of the must-have ingredients that can be found in any Italian kitchen.
  • Salvia (sage)- Widely utilized in dressings and meats, sage is especially crucial in the Tuscan white bean stew that is called “fagioli all’uccelletto.”
  • Origano (oregano)- Another Italian cuisine favorite that many of you may already be familiar with in dishes such as pizza and pasta is oregano.


We Provide Italian Food Hollywood Residents Love

  • Pepe (pepper)- While the most common variety of pepper that is used widely is pepe nero, or black pepper, there are certain sauces in Italian cooking that utilize pepe bianco, or white pepper. Both types of pepper may already be familiar to you, and white pepper helps to provide a kick of flavor, helping to enhance the flavor of many different dishes and foods.
  • Zenzero (ginger)- While ginger is a spice that is widely used around the world and in many types of dishes, in Italian cooking ginger is especially used for making Christmas ginger-based shaped biscuits and breads that you may know as gingerbread men, and in Italian are called “pan di zenzero” or “panpepato.”


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There are many spices and herbs that go into Italian cooking at Sebastiano’s Italian so that we can produce Italian food Hollywood residents love. For pizza Hollywood FL locals recommend, contact Sebastiano’s Italian today!

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