The History Behind the Margherita Pizza

The Margherita pizza is a classic pizza staple enjoyed by Italians and Americans alike. The history of this delicious classic is very interesting, with as many twists and turns as how the dough is worked. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant provides authentic Italian fare in Hollywood, FL. If you’re looking for an “Italian Restaurant Near Me” in the Hollywood area, call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant today!


Roots of Pizza


Since the Neolithic Age, foods similar to pizza have been prepared. People added other ingredients to bread to make it more flavourful, and records of this can be found throughout ancient history. French and Italian archeologists have found a sort of bread in Sardinia baked over 7,000 years ago. A flat bread called Plakous was baked by the Ancient Greeks, and they topped it with herbs, onion, and garlic. While the origins of pizza cannot be specifically attributed to a single place or time, there is one particular historical tale that is attributed with how Margherita pizza became such a sensation. Queen Margherita of Savoy and her husband, King Umbero I, were touring Italy in 1889, a few decades following Italy’s unification. Margherita had noticed throughout their travels many peasants eating large, flat bread with colourful toppings. The queen had her guards bring her one of these breads, which the peasants called “pizza breads.”


Creation of Margherita Pizza


The Queen enjoyed pizza so much that she would literally eat it every time she was dining out amongst the people, which caused the court to worry. A queen was not supposed to regularly dine on peasant food like pizza. Margherita paid the critics little mind, as she was an independent woman much loved by her subjects- plus, pizza is delicious, as we all know. Raffaele Esposito, a famous pizza maker inthe area, legitimized the Queen’s love for pizza bread by creating a pizza topping in honour of the Queen. The patriotic topping represented the Italian flag colors with tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella cheese. Of course, this combination was then named the Pizza Margherita after his lovely queen. Pizza lore has Esposito as the first to add cheese on top of pizza. Although this combination may have been already very popular in Naples at the time, and the Margherita name was simply added by Esposito, either way Queen Margherita can be credited with the name of a pizza we love so much. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant produces some of the finest margherita pizzas in the area, so if you’re looking up “Italian restaurants near me,” check us out!


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Human beings have been making pizza since they could cook flat bread over a hot stone. It’s not a far leap to pop some toppings on and munch away, eventually evolving from the flatbreads of the Greeks and Romans to Margherita pizzas and more. All this pizza talk making you hungry? Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant  in Hollywood, FL makes a mean Margherita pizza to do the queen proud. If you’re looking up “Italian restaurant near me” in the area, call us today.

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