Looking for Pasta Near Me? Our Italian Restaurant Explains the Difference Between Pasta Sauce & Pizza Sauce

They are both red. They are both delicious. They both are very important when it comes to Italian cuisine. We are talking about pizza and pasta sauce. Even though they both have a lot in common, did you know what sets them apart? At Sebastiano’s Italian Resturant, we are here to explain the difference between the two and why they make Italian food taste so delicious. You will no longer need to search the phrase pasta near me. We specialize in Pizza Hollywood FL residents love!


So What Is The Difference?

Pizza sauce is an uncooked tomato sauce, while pasta sauce is cooked. That may not seem like a big deal, but it can make all the difference. The best pizza sauce is simply puréed tomatoes that are seasoned simply with salt and pepper and maybe a couple of extras like garlic, oregano, or a splash of balsamic or red wine vinegar. The reason pizza sauce is uncooked is that it will actually result in a better-tasting pizza — it will give you fresh, zippy tomato flavor, even after it has been baked in a hot oven.


Pasta sauce, on the other hand, is slow-simmered. It usually has a few more herbs involved, like basil or even a bay leaf. Cooked sauce will have a sweeter, richer, deeper flavor. Since the noodles are already cooked when they are tossed in the sauce, it is nice to already have the flavor developed in the sauce. Pasta sauce may also chunkier and less smooth in texture, as it is not always puréed like pizza sauce.


Come Try The Best Pasta Near Me

We invite you to come and try our delicious and authentic menu of items that are made from scratch daily at our Italian Restaurant in Hollywood. Whether you desire traditional meals or want to bask in the sauces that cover our mouth-watering wings or pizza’s, we know that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The owners of Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant feel passionate about serving their community and offering a place where a little piece of Italy can be right in their backyard. From the hand-rolled dough, the authentic spices and herbs to the cooking and firing methods, each dish is carefully crafted to ensure a meal that tastes like home.


Call The Best Pizza Hollywood FL Loves!

There are many traditional Italian dishes for you to discover and learn the history about, especially pasta. Compliment this tasty meal with the cities freshest tomatoes.  If you are looking for the best Italian Hollywood FL, call Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant today to make a reservation! We are the best pizza restaurant near me. Stop by and see for yourself.  We are deemed one of the best pasta restaurants near me. If you are searching for an Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, Florida that is full of flavor and honors the tradition of homemade Italian cuisine, please stop by our establishment located on 4551 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33021. Thank you for your support!


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