Why We Toss Our Pizza Dough?

It’s a common sight to witness when you walk into a pizzeria and behind the counter you see someone picking up a pie, tossing and spinning the pizza dough in the air. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is a leading Italian hotspot in Hollywood that offers a large variety of authentic Italian cuisine.

As you think that the dough will fall onto the floor, the chef expertly catches it and puts it down on the baking tray to add condiments to the dough. While most people believe that tossing the dough for pizza base is just for show but as we will explain, there is more to tossing the dough than just for an exciting show. Here are the secrets behind tossing the dough for a delicious pizza Hollywood FL.

Tossing the Pizza Dough Forms a Perfect Crust

Crust or the pizza base is the most important element of any pizza; the crust must be perfectly cooked without tearing, or being undercooked, or overcooked. It must have smooth edges and a decent mid-section. Some pizzerias use machine press and other types of dough sheeters to create the best pizza crust but the classic crust is formed by tossing as it is the practice at leading places for pizza Hollywood FL.

Tossing the Dough Helps Create different types of Crusts Effectively

Expert pizza chefs explain that tossing the dough helps retain moisture, even though some pizza restaurants rely on machines that might give you a perfectly round pie but it might lead to a crust that’s either too soft or too crunchy. Many experts suggest that tossing the dough in the air helps in keeping the moisture intact, it is easier to handle and less sticky, the result is a perfectly cooked smooth crust.

Rotation is Key to A Great Tasting Perfect Crust

To get the perfect toss, you have to allow it to rotate for a few seconds before it lands back in your hands. Experts at the best pizza Hollywood FL suggest that tossing and rotating a pizza pie is similar to spinning a baseball or a Frisbee. The rotations can give a non-uniform crust that is perfect for some customers if they want a dough that is soft, crunchy and chewy at the same time. Each rotation of the pie allows the dough to be flat so that the sauce and other condiments are kept in place as the pizza cooks.

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Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is a leading pizza and Italian cuisine hotspot in Hollywood Florida. Visit us and see our experts toss the pizza dough to get a few quick rotations for a perfect crust, watch in awe as the dough evenly spreads in a perfect circle in midair. Contact us for reservations and more information about our menu.

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