5 Reasons Why Using Quality Ingredients Makes a Difference

If you are wondering about our pizza ingredients and why they taste so great, here are a few reasons why. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant serves pizza Hollywood FL locals crave and many will travel for. Come in and see us for a slice.


Quality Pizza Ingredients




When you use quality pizza ingredients, they are usually better for you and your health. They tend to cut out the processed foods and make your meal better for your diet. It is important to know where the products used for your pizza come from and that they are not coming out of the freezer. Processed ingredients are not good for your body and consuming them is not good for you.


Prepared in House


Knowing that your ingredients are being chopped and processed in the kitchen rather than pulled out of the freezer is nice. When you know all ingredients are fresh it makes your food taste better. When your sauce is made in house, it makes every bite of each meal prepared that much more enjoyable.


Local Flavors


Our flavors are our own. We make sure our authentic flavors stay prepared within house and that we stick with them for all our dishes. We are proud of what we make and making our customers happy and full is our first priority.


You Pay For What You Get


If you want a cheap meal, then a frozen pizza or fast food is what you will get. If you want something that tastes good, then our pizza Hollywood FL locals prefer is something you should try. Choose our pizza and you won’t regret it!


Pizza Ovens


Having proper pizza ovens is half of the experience. When you taste our pizza, with our crispy crust and perfectly baked cheese and toppings, you will never go back. Trust us to serve you one of the best pizzas you have ever had. Our pizza ingredients will change your taste buds forever.


Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant


We put our heart and soul into everything we cook. All of our food is made fresh daily, and that is important to us. We prefer to use quality over quantity when it comes to our customers’ experience. We take pride in preparing our food and are committed to serving real Italian food everyday. Once you try our Italian food, you will want to come back for more. Our menu offers some of the most popular dishes for the right price. We also offer take out in case you want a night in with a delicious meal as well. We are confident that you will enjoy your experience and want to share it with others.


Contact Us


If you are craving our pizza ingredients, come visit us at Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant for pizza Hollywood FL locals recommend. You will not be disappointed and your stomach will thank you for our delicious flavors. Our authentic Italian food is here to stay, and we look forward to serving you and your family some of the best meals you have ever had. Let us help you make memories and give you a reason to come back for more. Who doesn’t love good Italian food and fresh ingredients? Visit us today or give us a call (954) 983-1924 to make a reservation.

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