Pie Cut Or Squared? The History Behind The Pie Cut

Going out on the town can always be a good time, but when it comes to food, group decisions can be difficult. When looking for a dinner out for you and some friends, what better than a big pizza pie and drinks? If you’re looking for fresh ingredients and traditional Italian recipes, look no further than Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant for the best pizza Hollywood FL has to offer.  With the combined powers of your friends or family and the friendly staff at Sebastiano’s, maybe you can answer the age-old question about pizza: pie cut or squared?

The History of the Cut

Arguably, much of America’s pizza-related culture can be identified in New York or Chicago; one of the most significant differentials between them is how they tend to cut their pizzas. Traditionally, most pizzas are cut into triangle shaped pieces. This allows each person who wants to enjoy a slice to have a little bit of everything and it will enable everyone to share equally. On the other side of the token, there’s what has been dubbed the ‘Chicago cut’ or the square cut. This cut allows the pizza to be cut into more pieces. This makes it easier to share with a larger group of people.

What’s the Best Cut for Your Pizza Pie?

Apart from the best way to divide the pizza amongst a group, other things can contribute to the decision on how to cut a pizza. While the pie cut splits all favorite areas of a pizza equally, the square cut offers a great alternative option. A significant fact about the life of pizza lovers is that not all of them like to eat the crust. Sometimes its too bland, maybe it’s overcooked, whatever the reason some people just don’t like it. The square cut is the perfect way to remedy that problem! Crust lovers can have their crust and eat it too, where the middle pieces can appease the pizza lovers who don’t like the crust. Some would argue that the square cut also helps with portion control, just in case anyone ever decides to go on a diet and thinks ‘ let’s get pizza!’ Another little bonus for those who love the square cut comes what many consider a phenomenon: the only way for a circle to have corners. These pieces mostly consist of crust and mostly coveted those among us who love pizza crust.

Why Sebastiano’s

At Sebastiano’s, they are committed to using the freshest ingredients to ensure that their guests are not only satisfied, but they want to come back for more. As a family owned and operated spot since 1985, their commitment to their standards and to the community they serve has not gone unnoticed. They have earned numerous awards and features from local area newspapers for their quality food and continued support of local schools.

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No matter how you like your pizza pie sliced, it’s all about the taste. Seek out the best pizza Hollywood FL has to offer, call or visit Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant for menu and take-out options!

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