Unique Flavors of Pizza Hollywood Florida Locals Love

pizza Hollywood FloridaPizza is one of the world’s most adored foods. Dripping with flavorful tomatoes on a thick crust topped with melted cheese, pizza is a delight with every single bite. Floridians, like everyone else, love their pizza. When they go looking for pizza Hollywood Florida, they want something even more special. They want pizza that will tempt them with wonderful toppings and fabulous flavor. Here, they know their pizza. This is one of many reasons why so many people have heard of Sebastian’s Italian restaurant. A pizza Hollywood Florida  institution, those here at Sebastian’s offer fresh ingredients with pizza that are ideal as a single slice or a pie for the entire family.

Many Types of Pizza Pies

At Sebastian’s Italian restaurant, customers can choose from many three different pie sizes. The personal pan pizza is perfect for a quick lunch. A medium pie is ideal for a small group. If you have several people in your party, you can take advantage of the large pie on offer. This is designed to feed a large crowd or just several hungry people at once.People can also try Sicilian slices with a thick crust and lots of flavors on top or a margarita pie with tomatoes, basil and cheese. Each pie is made by hand from the finest ingredients. All the ingredients used are fresh and designed to add layers of flavor to the pie.

Delicious Toppings

One of the great things about eating pizza is being able to your own personalized toppings. Pizza toppings help add layers of wonderful taste to your pizza. Those who are looking for pizza Hollywood Florida can find many toppings to add to their own slices at Sebastian’s.

For Meat Lovers Everywhere

Classic sausage is a mouthwatering choice that works well with the complex cheese used. Another true favorite at Sebastian’s is the pepperoni. Pepperoni is ideal for those who like flavor on their pizza and appreciate meaty tastes. Another much-loved pizza topping at Sebastian’s is the ham. The high-quality ham used makes a subtle but very elegant topping on any pie. Customers who love classic Italian meatballs in gravy can add this delicious flavor profile to their own pizza by ordering a pie topped with meatballs layered on the pie directly. People also love the option of putting bacon on their pizza. The bacon available here is crisp and delicious.

Vegetable Options

Another excellent way to add lots of taste to any pizza is with vegetable toppings. Carefully fried onions are delicious on a Sebastian’s pizza. Fresh peppers and black olives are also available. Each topping can be used on an individual slice or an entire pie. Customers can also get a pie with two types of toppings or toppings only a few slices of a large pie.

Other Kinds of Pizza

People who love veggies can also have a vegetarian pie. It comes complete with mushrooms, onions, and peppers. A broccoli pie is an excellent choice for customers who love their vegetables. They can also have a slice of spinach pie.

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Be sure to visit us for a variety of pizza flavors. You can call us to make a reservation at 954-983-1924 or visit our website! sebastianositalianfood.com

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