Are There Vegetarian Dishes At An Italian Restaurant Near Me?

Italian Restaurant Near Me in Hollywood FLSebastiano’s is committed to serving the community. They are a family-oriented Italian restaurant and have served their South Florida community since they opened in 1985. They provide two local schools with food so that students can enjoy food made with fresh ingredients instead of the unhealthy choices most others offer. It is important that kids eat fresh meals in order to stay healthy! It is also very important to Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant that everyone in the South Florida community enjoy a healthier meal. When you are searching for better food choices at an Italian Restaurant Near Me in Hollywood FL, come into Sebastiano’s!


The Vegetarian Dishes We Offer


We are a traditional Italian restaurant and offer a variety of dishes. If you are a vegetarian, there are multiple options for you to enjoy our homemade food. At Sebastiano’s we have salads, a multitude of pasta dishes and we also have our delicious pizza options. The menu items are separated by category so that it is easy to find the item you are craving. They know people are trying to eat healthier nowadays and they also know what processed foods can do to your body which is why they are dedicated to making recipes with only the freshest ingredients. The owners of Sebastiano’s want our customers to enjoy a home-cooked meal at a convenient location when they do not have time to cook for themselves. They offer Italian dishes of all types because they want their customers to experience all of the traditional foods of Italy. They have dishes with and without meats such as pizza toppings and pasta which is ideal when seeking an “Italian Restaurant Near Me in Hollywood FL” online.  


Our Healthier Options


Here at Sebastiano’s, the owners want everyone to try a taste of Italy. They always support better food and the people who choose to eat healthier. There are many reasons why being a vegetarian is a positive thing. Some of these reasons include staying in shape physically, trying to build stronger bones and to gain more energy. These are just a few reasons why the restaurant strives to promote healthy living! They want everyone to enjoy a great quality of life so they work hard to provide the freshest ingredients for all of their customers.


It is not always easy to cook from scratch at home, especially when you are busy. You may not always think about what you are eating and sometimes you are in such a rush, you don’t have time to choose the best option when needing to grab a quick bite. Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant is fully committed to serving only the best meals for their customers, so don’t worry about your next meal, come to Sebastiano’s!

Call Us Today!

When you are searching for an Italian Restaurant Near Me in Hollywood FL, come to eat at Sebastiano’s! For all of your vegetarian requests, you can visit the website or call to make a reservation 954-983-1924. Sebastiano’s looks forward to serving their customers every single day, one healthy meal at a time!

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